Tantalizing Tuesday – Dog Tags

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means.  Time for another Tantalizing Tuesday.

This week I decided to pull from an old story that I have in my cue about women who are or have served in the military. I had missed the deadline for this submission so it was nice to be able to share some of this story with you.

Thank you for stopping by and make sure you keep keep our people in uniform in your hearts today.

Now, here are my 200 words.

Ebony Dog Tags

The clanging metal slapped against her breasts when she entered me. Benita never took off her dog tags, even though the IED that had taken the bottom part of her left leg made sure that she would never get deployed again. Still, she held on to the possibility that she might be called back to duty in some shape and form.

We never talked about what happened. It made her comfortable that I was a civilian and there was no way I could understand what she had been through. All I know is allowing her to do this helped her in some way.

When she brought it up the first thing that went through my mind was the pain, the fear, and the loss of my perceived masculine identity. However, with everything she’d sacrificed how could I say no?

Benita grabbed my hips and thrust herself inside me with so much force that I yelped.

“Too much,” she asked and glanced down at me.

With my legs hooked over her shoulders, I shook my head and motioned for her to continue. I was enjoying myself and until she was ready, this is the best way to be with one another.

Again, thank you for stopping by and make sure you visit the other writers sharing their work with you today.

Tantilizing Tues Teaser Photo

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7 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesday – Dog Tags

    1. Once I get it done, I’ll do that. It needs a lot of work, mainly because I want to make sure that my research is on par with the story about women who’ve gone to war and how they struggle with life when they get back.

  1. Kendel, the first thing that struck me was just how erotic the photo is. I suspect, having never seen a naked woman in dog tags, it just struk me as hot. So you had me at “Hello”. Very sexy piece. I agree. Angelica, what would make her happy and peaceful? Maybe she doesn’t want to be…….excellant! Xo

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