Tantalizing Tuesdays – TAKEN

It’s Tuesday again and I’m enjoying being back so much that I have another one for you.

This one was inspired as much by the picture as it was by a conversations I had with one of my curvacious female friends. She was having an issue with her current boyfriend and I gave her this suggestion. Did it work? I’ll tell you afterwards.

Here’s my 200.

(photo: londonandrews.tumblr.com)
(photo: londonandrews.tumblr.com)

Most men that I’ve been with look at my shape and think they have to plow me with every muscle in their body in order to get me off. Ricardo was different. His touch was gentle. His tongue was precise and he responded to every twitch of my body like I’d never felt before. When I told him that I enjoyed the way he treasured my physique, I never dreamed this would be the only way he’d have me.

Well tonight I planned to fix that.

I didn’t let him touch me all week. I had teased him to the point where his eyes burned with desperation. When I asked him to grab us a bottle of wine from the store I was buying myself some time. Once he got back my plan was to be ready for him.

I heard his footsteps approaching the bedroom. I knelt on the bed, looked back at him, and moaned. Ricardo gasped, rushed over to the bed, and buried his face between my legs.

He yanked me tighter to his mouth by my hips. I reached back and grabbed his hair knowing that the only choice he had tonight was to take me.

To answer my previous question, they’ve been together for five years.

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