Tantalizing Tuesdays – Kiran’s Haunting Gaze

It’s time again for another Tantalizing Tuesdays 200.

The model in this picture is one that has spawned a multitude of stories for me that I’ve outline and I wanted to see what I could do with her for this Tantalizing Tuesday so here is the first of many.

photo credit: http://googlymonstor.tumblr.com
photo credit: http://googlymonstor.tumblr.com

The animosity of being in Kandahar combined with Kiran’s loathing of American journalist created a lust based in hatred. As my translator she had to stay close to me but when I sacrificed myself to save her during a firefight, she stopped seeing me as a paycheck and viewed me as a man.

We shed our animosity, clothes, and souls that night. Those gunshots created a revelation of our mortality that stripped us bare. Our bodies collided, attempting to obliterate our mortal coils leaving nothing but a puddle of sweat in the unbearable heat of Afghanistan to revel in the fact that we were still alive.

Through the early morning heat I felt her stoical gaze on my naked body and it still haunts me.

“Get a new translator.”

The enduring fragrance of our passion clung to my skin. The blistering temperature blurred my vision. I got out of bed and rushed over to her in hopes that I could find the words to make Kiran change her mind. Then she stopped me with a vicious slap across my cheek.

“Never think of me again,” were the last words Kiran said to me but I knew that would be impossible.

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6 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – Kiran’s Haunting Gaze

  1. Wow, Kendel, where to begin? With the string of words you made a necklace of pearls with? Perhaps the raw emotion this piece evokes or the cliffhanger you hooked the reader with? This was amazing–just amazing. Bravo. xo

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