Her Cup Runneth Cover – An Erotic Comedy Christmas Story

Cyber Monday might have come and gone but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some excitement for the holidays, right?

This year I have a special treat for you.  A MMF erotic comedy Christmas story that’s a hot and fun read.  I had a blast writing this one and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much.

Here’s what Her Cup Runneth Over is all about:

A casual holiday dinner ignites into a night of lust filled passion when Gloria invites her co-worker, Colum to share a Christmas meal with herself and her roommate, Miguel.

If you need a little more, here’s an excerpt that shows the spark that changes the events of the evening.

Her Cup Runneth Over
Her Cup Runneth Over

Each laugh from Colum’s mouth broke down Miguel’s façade until the fun guy I had known since pre-school appeared. I sat between them on the couch flipping through embarrassing pictures of Miguel and I as Colum passed the bottle of Irish whiskey between us. Then I stopped at a picture of Miguel and I from junior prom.
“What in the fuck,” Colum chuckled when he saw what we were wearing. “Please tell me this was a dare or something?”
In my heart I wished it had been. The dress I had on was too big for my body except for my breasts. It looked like I was wearing a gold trash bag with a corsage and Miguel looked like a toddler wearing his father’s tuxedo.
“Oh, my God, Gloria. Stop the torture, please,” Miguel tittered.
“What’s going on with both of your eyes,” Colum asked.
Our eyes were both bloodshot with droopy eyelids.
“Mahalo,” Miguel and I shouted. Colum looked at us confused.
“He was this white kid with dreads that we knew in high school,” Miguel laughed. “He was born in Hawaii.”
“That’s how he got his nickname,” I said. “He was a senior I think. He’d been held back a year right?”
“At least. He was kind of creepy but he had the best weed in town,” Miguel stated.
“That would explain it,” Colum uttered and then took a sip from the bottle before he handed it across my body to Miguel.
“He had the smallest dick with these enormous balls,” Miguel shivered. “I can’t believe you made me suck his cock for that small bag of weed, Gloria.”
“Hey, I paid for dinner, the tickets, the limo-”
“Your father put on a suit and drove your Nana’s caddy.”
“Still, it was the least you could do, Miguel.”
“Yeah, the very least but that weed did make the rest of that evening interesting.”
Miguel snapped his head in my direction. The smile on his face let me know that he might have dropped his front but not his game plan.
“What’s that all about,” Colum asked when he sensed the tension between us.
“You wanna tell him since you decided to take this trip down memory lane, Glo?”
If my eyes were knives I would’ve decapitated Miguel.
“I know you want to so go ahead.”
Miguel leaned forward so he could look right at Colum.
“So, you know how weed makes some people horny?” He glanced at me and then rolled his eyes. “Well, this one got pure loco on that shit.” He bent over further to where his head was almost in my lap. “I understood we were on a date, but not like a real date because we’re friends, but not like that. Anyhow, Gloria had her eye on this boy, who wasn’t all that cute to begin with, but she thought if she got a room he might fall for her.”
I groaned, “fuck,” as my embarrassment attacked me.
“Well, we get to this roach motel her cousin Myra got for her and the next thing you know, this boy shows up. What was his name?”
“That’s right, Tony. So they go into the room and leave me outside in a bad part of town with the local riff raff doing what ever they do at that time of night. The next thing you know Tony stormed out of the room and I looked inside to see Gloria on the bed in shock.”
“What happened,” Colum asked me but I was too humiliated to respond.
“He wanted her to blow him but she wouldn’t do it,” Miguel whispered.
“I’m right here, you know,” I spat and pushed Miguel off my lap.
“What? You hadn’t had sex before,” Colum asked somewhat surprised.
“No. That wasn’t it. I’d sex a few times but I had never done that. I thought it was nasty at the time. Tony said he had a girlfriend so he couldn’t have sex with me, but he said it was okay if I blew him.” As the words poured out of my mouth I felt like I was sixteen again.
“I did what I could to calm her down but she wasn’t having any of it so-” Miguel waited for me to fill in the details but I signaled him to continue. “So, she asked me to teach her how to suck dick.”
No,” Colum gasped. “So the first time you did it was with-”
“Me,” Miguel beamed as his face filled with pride.
“And how was she?”
“Good enough to take his virginity,” I stated and slammed the photo album shut.
“Wait? Hadn’t you-” he looked at Miguel confused.
“Yeah, but never with a woman.”
“Fuck me,” Colum chuckled and took a hard sip from the bottle. “And how was that?”
“Best pussy I’ve ever had,” Miguel stated.
“I’m the only pussy you’ve ever had, Miguel”
Colum looked back and forth at us and then smirked.
“And was that the only time it happened?”
I wasn’t expecting that question and from the expression on his face, neither was Miguel.
“I guess that silence answers my question.”
In the stillness of the room, I noticed the bottle of Midleton was a shot away from being empty and my nerves had me wanting to be anyplace but here.
“We need some tequila,” I said and stood up. “I think we have a bottle in the kitchen.”
I rushed to the kitchen and spotted an almost full bottle of 1800 tequila. As I grabbed it I heard Miguel ask Colum, “So, when did you discover that you had a taste for dick?” Another silence fell over the apartment. I peeked into the living room to see Colum with a stoic gaze locked on Miguel.

And things just get better from here. So, head over and get you a copy for only .99.


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