Tantalizing Tuesdays – Mr. Corso’s Work Load

Happy Tuesday and good riddance 2014! Almost…

It’s been a rough year, but not all bad, and with the hard lessons I learned 2015 should be golden.

With the year I’ve had, I think this last Tantalizing Tuesday of 2014 is fitting. So here is my picture, my 200 hundred words, and make sure you drop by and take a look at the other writers sharing their teases with you today.

Photo copyright: FEMDOM Empire Model: Skin Diamond
Photo copyright: FEMDOM Empire
Model: Skin Diamond

“You still here?” Miranda asked.

“Two weeks ago I asked for this shit and just like last year, he dropped this off an hour ago. If we weren’t required to attend the New Years’ Eve party tonight…”

Miranda looked as the stack of papers. She felt Joseph’s anger and gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze.

“Go home, relax, and meet me back here at the party?”

“But Mr. Corso will kill me.”

“Just leave Mr. Corso up to me.”

Joseph went home but he couldn’t relax. Miranda was Mr. Corso’s receptionist and didn’t have authority over Joseph’s work. When he got back to the building and didn’t see Miranda at the party, Joseph had a panic attack. Then Joseph got a text that told him to meet Miranda in Mr. Corso’s office. He took the elevator to the top floor, entered Mr. Corso’s office, and saw him tied to his desk, with Miranda stuffing his mouth full of black rubber cock. She glanced at Joseph with a sneer.

“You don’t need to worry about his bullshit any more,” she told Joseph before she threw her hips forward, sinking the length of rubber down Mr. Corso’s gullet. “Isn’t that right, sweetie?”

Have a safe and prosperous 2015 and I’ll see you around the corner soon.

All The Best,

KD Sig_new

Tantilizing Tues Teaser Photo

8 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – Mr. Corso’s Work Load

  1. I loved this, Kendel. Haven’t we all, at one time ot another, wished we had something good on our boss–enough to influence his decisions? I know I have, and I have acted on that initiative, too. Brings back great memories. Saucy, powerful and fun. Nice way to escort the New Year Year in and kick the old one to the curb. xo

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