Tantalizing Tuesdays – Fear The Night

It’s 2015 and it seems that some of the quakes of the previous year have yet to shake themselves free from my soul.

The good thing is that I can write and get some of that tension out of my body and see things clearly.

So, here are my 200 words and make sure you visit the other writers sharing their teases with you today.

Fear The Night

Broken doesn’t grasp the hollow nature of what I’ve become. It’s more like an emptiness that consumes you to the until you realize the world would be better if you didn’t exist.

As much as I tried to fix her, I ignored myself and this thunderstorm of doubt that floats around my head became the norm for me.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, yet I’ve inhaled this type of pain before. Each time I find myself in the same place at the end. Standing atop a building with my eyes locked on the urban decay below alone, wondering if I should join them or attempt to fly away.

This one hurt more than the others. Like razor blades tearing through your esophagus as you fight for breath. Your heart stops from the pain each time your neck muscles flex as you attempt to digest the fact that, no matter how much you put into this, you still ended up a failure.

I spread my arms, praying I have the strength to let go. Then I hear her whisper my name. I think she just might push me over. I never used to fear the night until I met her.

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5 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – Fear The Night

  1. That was one hellava piece of writing, very moving, very compelling, very identifiable. What is it about those moments leading up to that whisper and what is it about that whisper, so clear and true that sounds a toll of True North? Outstanding. xo.

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