Wednesday WIP – Isis at The Met

It’s Wednesday and I decided to share a little taste of my upcoming collection of short stories currently entitled Kendel Davi’s Mocha Kisses with you.


This snippet is from the story Isis at The Met. To set things up, Caleb and Mona have reunited after a brief breakup. Things started to get heated between them and they decided to go to MOMA to cool off in the Egyptian exhibit. This is something that Mona has done in the past. By spending time in a quiet place it allows them to get some perspective on why they are really fighting. However, this trip transforms itself through space and time to create an experience that they’ll never forget.

The Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing of the Metropolitan Museum. Photo: Courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing of the Metropolitan Museum.
Photo: Courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The chamber was dark except for a shaft of light that came from an open skylight in the center of the room that illuminated a stone pillar. A linen cloth rested on top that appeared to be stuffed with feathers. The brightness from the sun made the walls drift off into blackness and on the other side of the room, a top of a stone elevated platform, sat Mona.
White linen draped around her body, which exposed her cleavage. A gold belt wrapped around her waist and her feet were adorned with leather gladiator sandals. Gold bracelets covered her wrists, which matched her headdress that formed two golden horns that held a bright sun like stone in the center of them. Blue eye shadow accentuated her eyes that were enclosed by black eyeliner that brought a stately focus to her face.
She was exquisite. Caleb’s heart swelled as his emotions flowed back to the first time he saw her. When her beauty captured him from across the room at a crowed dorm party. His need to be with her was as pure as it was then in this heightened moment.
“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said in a calm yet eerie tone that echoed through the chamber.
“Where are we?” Caleb asked as he moved towards the pillar.
“Don’t worry. Everything will be clear soon.” She stood from her throne and walked down the stone steps to the pillar. “You’d been displaced. It took some time to find all the pieces and put you back together but you also needed time to heal. The memories of your journey will return soon enough. As for now-“
She clapped her hands. From the shadows, several ashen male servants dressed in brown robes approached and started to undress them. Caleb should’ve been startled but the focused gaze they had on each other kept him calm. The servants removed his headdress, which freed his skull from the unbearable heat. With that distraction gone Caleb focused on Mona’s physique.
Her bronze skin was smooth. It glistened in the light reflecting off the thin white feather mattress that rested on the pillar. Her headdress was removed to reveal several long braids of jet-black hair that were adorned with gold beads at the end. The servants removed her dressing. Her natural breasts stayed perched against her pear shaped frame as the men began to oil her body.
The pillar blocked his view of Mona’s lower half. Then Caleb felt a tug as the cloth that covered his body was removed, leaving him naked except for his sandals and gold bracelets. He could smell the olive oil as the servants started with his arms and shoulders while two other men worked up his legs. They massaged each muscle as they worked in the liquid moving towards his groin. Right when they where inches away from his center Mona called out, “Leave that to me.”
She clapped her hands again and the men removed their hands from Mona and Caleb’s bodies. She took the chalice of oil and moved towards Caleb. As she stepped away from the pillar, the splendor of her body was on full display. The curvature of her hips ignited his desire. Her grounded strides sent a surge of arousal through him as his eyes fixed on her manicured and glimmering mound. The nerve endings in his phallus sparked with each step she took yet it remained dormant. Mona was close enough to him to where he could feel her warm breath on his naked chest. He was puzzled to the reasons why his erection was failing him. Then Mona poured some olive oil into her hands, reached down and massaged the fragrant lubricant onto his phallus bringing life back into it with each gentle caress.
“Don’t worry,” she whispered. “I know how to heal you.”
Each stroke of her hand awakened his sleeping giant. She increased the strength of her grip but kept the pace of her strokes the same. She coaxed his erection until it pointed towards the skylight, robust and unyielding, all the time never allowing her eyes to leave his.
“Now, I shall welcome you with a kiss.”

Look for the full collection of stories to be available to you in early February.


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