Tantalizing Tuesday – Not Needed

Recently, I’ve been following a lot of photographers on Tumblr as my writing moves more towards the sensual side in 2015.

I’ll blog about that later in the week but for right now, enjoy these 200 words and an image from one of the most erotic photographers on the web.

Copyright Juan Steven Photography funkbrotherj.tumblr.com
Copyright Juan Steven Photography

The mistake he made was believing that I needed him.

Sure, the dick was good and he ate my pussy in such a way that the dragging of my fingernails ruined my favorite sheets but that had nothing to do with need.

Letting him in was a gift but once he made me come hard, he felt he didn’t have to do anything to earn it anymore.

So, I took it away.

There was no discussion. I didn’t send him a text or an e-mail. I just got tired of the late night calls when I knew he had been or tried to be with someone else.

I would let him in. Not because I needed him. Just because I was horny.

His wife found out, a wife I didn’t know about, and now he wants us to be something we never agreed to be.

He bangs on the front door of my apartment, yelling fake cries of his devotion, and even thought I’m horny, I refuse to let him in.

I turn on my trusty glowing friend. The buzzing drowns out his voice and attend to my need in a way that delivers the sweetest most pleasurable pain.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check out some of the other writers sharing their Tantalizing Tuesday teases with you below.

Tantilizing Tues Teaser Photo

11 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesday – Not Needed

  1. Now, this was a very noirish style that I enjoyed very much: great pace, visuals and texture. I loved that she walked away behind a closed door. Everyone gerts just what they deserve. And the message is clear–don’t take for granted that which is not yours. Loved it.xo

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