Tantalizing Tuesdays – The Final Ride Home

It’s Tuesday again and I had so much fun mixing a WIP with a teaser, I decided to do it again.

First, I want to thank everybody for the comments. This is a story that I’ve been fighting with for a long time and you’ve helped me get clear on moving forward with it.

So, here’s the set up. This is a shortened version of the first few paragraphs in the novel. After this moment their world changes forever as we venture into a tale of People of Color, BDSM, and revenge.

Copyright Thomas Churchwell
Copyright Thomas Churchwell

The distinguished Senator from North Carolina hadn’t acted so distinguished with my wife. I didn’t witness it. I was on the far side of the house and there was nothing I could do to fix what happened. Everything was negotiated before you’re allowed to walk through those doors but he broke the rules and because of his position, nobody did anything to stop him.

He took one look at Megan and assumed she was a bottom. When she refused his advances he attempted to forced her to his will but her teeth left an impression that he will never forget.

The silence between us was deafening. She refused to take off her mask. I placed my hand on her leg for comfort, keeping my focus on the road, and she looked down.

“Pull the fucking car over!”

I stopped on the soft shoulder of The Beltway. She wiped the glob of curdled semen from her leg before she opened the door and threw up. She took off her mask and glared at me. Tears formed in her eyes and I knew there was only one way to deal with this.

“Not like that, baby. This time we have to wait.”

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your comments and please visit the other writer’s sharing their teases with you at the link below.

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15 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – The Final Ride Home

  1. Kendel, this is a *very* powerful piece, and you absolutely MUST finish it. This needs to come to life. I was moved in the extreme by the visuals your words brought to me. If I had to sum up your work here with only one word, it would be ‘Powerful’.

  2. Oh, Kendel, I love this story and this element really has her spinning. I guess we cannot assume anything from appearances as the Senator did.. I think this is going to be an amazing book and I am anxious to read more. This is a wonderful piece of writing. xo.

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