Tantalizing Tuesdays – My Choice

Happy Tuesday, everybody.

That means it time for another 200 word teaser. Enjoy!

Copyright unknown discovered on tumblr
Copyright unknown
discovered on tumblr

When I organized my computer, I’d find pictures of us. Joyful moments I embraced as a permanent display of our affection. That was the truth that I believed but she saw things differently.

She chose money over love and now her creative side that I nourished was suppressed by a man who had the financial power to control her. As my wounds started to heal she called me. Despite I knew better, we decided to meet at their house. The front door was cracked when I arrived. I called out her name before I entered.

“I’m down the hall in the guest room.”

I strolled through the mansion she now calls home. A barren monolith in comparison to the apartment we shared that displayed her eclectic style. A flash of red from an open door caught my eye. I stepped inside and froze.

Her smooth chocolate skin against the sinful scarlet sheets made my cock hard. She glided the strap of her black bustier off of her shoulder and grabbed her breast. I didn’t say a word but nothing needed to be said.

She chose money over love. That was her decision. What happened next, was going to be mine.

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9 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – My Choice

  1. So she married for money, she still loved him. They would have to always meet secretly,. If he syill loves her, he would gladly accept this fate. I like the secrecy of their affair. I like this story, You should expand it into something longer,

  2. Man, I like the way you put that in end: She chose money over love, but he’ll get to choose in the end. It’s like he will determine the final fate. Great piece. Pretty deep.

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