Sunday Snippet – A Not So Simple Kiss

It’s time for my first Sunday Snippet. I’m going to have two for you today as I put the finishing touches on a few short stories that I will be releasing later this week.

This one comes from A Not So Simple Kiss. Here’s the summary of the story.

Alyvia, a mid-level fashion model, is asked to write a book about her life to raise her profile by her agent. She hates to write. She doesn’t dwell to much on her journey from a small southern town to the runways of New York, but once she paired up with Roman, a novelist and TV writer who is assigned to help her with this task, she finds herself consumed with his luscious lips.

Alyvia has a new problem, now. The thought of Roman’s lips are more of an distraction that her lack of desire to write until she finds a way to motivation herself. Roman’s lips for her words. After their deal is made they soon find themselves exploring each other and discover new ways to inspire Alyvia to write.

This Sunday Snippet comes from the first half of the story. Roman has finally gotten Aly to write something in trade for a kiss but when it comes time to collect, she thinks that Roman isn’t willing to fulfill his side of their agreement. The following snippet shows what happens next.

A Not So Simple Kiss Cover
A Not So Simple Kiss Cover

He had this gentlemen’s thing about walking me home after each session. He was from the South like me so I understood but I’d been walking these streets of New York for years alone with no problems. Most of the time I enjoyed his company. He’d drop his guise and act like a human being for those five blocks but today, I didn’t want him around me. I was pissed. Somehow he had tricked me and I couldn’t figure out how. I stormed down the street. My high-heeled, thigh high leather boots stomped on the concrete sounding off my irritation. He matched me step by step, not saying a word. I forgot what it was like walking next to someone who was taller than you. By the time we reached the front stoop of my apartment building, I had worked up a sweat. I headed up those stone steps without looking at him.
“Bye, Roman.”
“So that’s how we’re gonna leave things?”
“We made a bet. You welshed on it, so yeah.”
“Did I really?”
“Yes, mother fucker you did!” I turned to him, eyes a blaze. “I wrote your damn pages and then some. That’s fucked up, Roman.”
I stormed to the front door and searched my purse for my keys when I heard him approaching.
“Aly, look? I’m not the one who didn’t hold up their end of this bet.”
“What did we agree to? I think you forgot about who was supposed to kiss whom. You did the pages. You earned the right but when it came down to collecting, you leaned in and waited for me to react. That wasn’t the deal. If you wanna get pissed at someone then get pissed at yourself because you did everything-”
I shut his mouth with my lips. They needed to be put to better use than pontificating right now, anyway. Plus, I knew where he was going. I’ve heard it all through my life. I have a tendency to doubt myself when it counts. I get to this point where something wonderful is about to happen and I start thinking I don’t deserve it. My agent John has said it. My model friends reminded me of that. The last thing I needed was for Roman to do it as well. There was no hesitation in this moment. My anger fueled me to push him against the brick wall next to the front door and let my lips claim what I earned.
Roman’s lips were softer than what I had imagined. I had caught him off guard and I didn’t realize how wonderful they really were until he kissed me back. That suppleness transformed into determined firmness. I pushed his body harder into the wall as I clawed at his leather jacket. This wasn’t what I had in mind but I was enjoying every second. Roman placed his hand on my hips and pushed me away just enough to where our lips to barely touched.
His breath was strained. I sensed he was attempting to decide if he should continue. I caressed the tip of my tongue along the inner rim of his lips giving him no choice. Roman moved his hands from my hips and wrapped them around my body. His tongue connected with mine as he stepped forward into me. There was a controlled passion in his lips as his strong tongue tussled with mine. The sweetness of the green tea filtered between our lips as this kiss expanded beyond my imagination but I wanted to let go even further. It had been so long since anyone had kissed me just to kiss me and the fervor in his lips had me wanting to push us to the edge of desire.
Even though he had shown no signs of wanting me in this way, his body betrayed him. As I pulled him tight, I felt the hardness of his erection through his pants and moaned into his mouth. It was right there, pushing against my mound and I did everything in my power not to reach down and caresses it though his jeans. It was an unexpected surprise that I welcomed by gyrating my hips against him. Roman stepped back, keeping our lips connected for as long as he could before they separated. His eyes glowed with lust and confusion. I took a quick glance at the bulge in his pants. He swung his laptop bag to the front of his body to cover it but I already had locked that image in my mind. My lipstick was smeared over his lips. I sucked my thumb and wiped those delicious lips clean.
“Damn,” he stated in a dream like voice. “I wasn’t expecting all that.”
“Me neither.”
I placed my hand on his cheek and fought the urge to invite him upstairs. This moment had been exactly what it needed to be but I also didn’t trust myself. I hadn’t seen my so-called boyfriend since I started meeting with Roman. That desire to get my body touched in the same sweet manner that his lips had just done to me was too tempting.
“Have a good night, Roman.” I gave him a gentle peck on the lips and held it for a second as his lips pressed back onto mine.
“You too, Aly. See you next week. Good work, by the way.”
“Are you talking about my writing?” I inquired with a smile.
“That too.”
As I searched for my keys I sensed Roman watching my every move.
“I know you’re up for that perfume campaign next week. If you book it, and I hope you do, just let me know and we can reschedule.”
“Will do.” I stared at his lips feeling the need to give him one last kiss before he left. “Maybe we should meet here next time. That way we don’t have to deal with the distractions at the coffee shop.”
What was I doing? After that kiss, having him in my apartment would be dangerous. Knowing his professionalism, I’m sure he’d turn down my invitation.
“Alright,” he said. “Just try and get some pages down during the week when you have some free time. That way we can get to work as soon as I get through that door.”
Fuck, I thought to myself. Now, I’m really stuck because being alone with him would be the biggest distraction.
“I’ll do my best,” I chimed.
I gave him one more glance before turning around and spotted a taxi drove with an ad that had my face on it. I watched Roman’s eyes followed that ad before he gave me a wave and walked down the street.

I hope you enjoyed that hot segment and make sure you stop by later for another Sunday Snippet and the links to these two stories.

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