Sunday Snippet – Tomboy Play Toy Confession

It’s been a busy Sunday for me.

This second Sunday Snippet comes from the story Tomboy Play Toy Confession. Here’s a summary of the story to wet your whistle.

When Xavier meets Chantel at a gallery opening of his erotic nude photographs, he has no idea how dramatically his life would change. After a night together at a LA Kings hockey game, Xavier soon realizes that her love for sports and tomboy style fit perfectly with his life. However, it isn’t until the trust between them is cemented that Chantel takes Xavier on an intense exploration that transforms his understanding of what sexual intimacy can be.

The following section comes from the first time Xavier and Chantel get together, which sparks the hot kinky action that follows.

Tomboy Confession Cover
Tomboy Confession Cover

She placed my fingers in her mouth, and sucked on them. All the while, she continued to jerk my cock with vigor. Her eyes locked onto mine. There was no uncertainty in her gaze, only desire as she removed my fingers from her soft lips and slid my hand down the front of her pants. Her skin scorched my fingers. Chantel turned my wrist and moved my hand past the elastic band of her underwear. The bristle of soft hairs tickled my fingertips. Then, I brushed against her clit. Chantel shuttered and put a death grip on my cock and my wrist. Her strength forced me to bend my fingers and she guided them deep inside her pussy.
She was already so wet. My cock felt like it was about to explode in her grip. I fought to regain control over my body. Chantel must have sensed that because she loosened her grip but started fucking herself with my fingers. Her eyes bounced with every thrust of her hips as her pussy contracted around my fingers. The fact that we were naked only from the waist up turned me on more than I thought. I pumped into her hand as I glanced between her eyes and her breasts. I drove cock into her grip, not caring if I came or not and leaned over to kiss her when Chantel let go of my wrist and placed a finger on my lips.
“I don’t think we should fuck tonight,” she groaned.
The words rolled out of her mouth with such ease as she continued to fuck herself with my fingers.
“Was it something I did?”
“Nothing like that. We met less than a week ago. I think you’re cool and all that but fucking right now would be the wrong thing to do.”
I stopped pumping into her hand. I was trapped between her request and the feeling of her driving her drenched cunt on my curled fingers.
“We don’t have to stop doing what we’re doing, I just think…”
Chantel’s voice trailed off. Her body locked up. She released my cock right before she yanked my hand from the depths of her pussy.
“You cool with that?” she panted.
As I watched Chantel attempt to take control of her budding orgasm, my mind thought about my drive home. After what Chantel stated about not stopping what we were doing, I knew leaving would be something I’d regret. I looked at my wet fingers that had just been inside her and placed them in my mouth. My cock jumped at her briny taste and I knew, no matter what time I left, it would be well worth it.
“Yeah. I’m cool.”
Chantel took my hand and led me towards her bedroom. She stopped at the door and gave me a kiss before we entered.
“I know it’s late so it might be best if you stayed the night. But first, I have something to show you.”
Chantel turned to open her bedroom door and I glanced at her living room. It was decked out in Los Angeles sports gear. From the Kings, Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers to old LA Rams, and Raiders posters. She had autographed pictures hanging from some of the legends of the game. I would’ve gotten jealous if I had the time but Chantel pulled me inside her warm and sensual bedroom. It was a complete shift as if two different people lived in this one bedroom apartment. I glanced over at her canopy bed that was covered with pillows as she closed the door behind me.
“Why don’t you get out of those pants?” she whispered before she gave me a kiss on the cheek.
“What about you?” I asked.
“Hey? I’m already half way there.”
Chantel stepped into me so close I felt her breath against my chest.
“Tonight, I wanna see how you like to get yourself off. That way when it happens I’ll know exactly what to do. The discovery part is fun and all but I like knowing where I need to go and I’m gonna do the same for you.” She sealed her statement with a kiss. “I see you’re still in your pants. You need me to help you with that?”
Chantel placed her hands on top of mine. I let her unbuckle my belt as I kicked off my shoes. Then I brushed away her hands and pulled down my pants and underwear to my thighs. My cock slapped against her stomach when it sprang free. Chantel took a step back and looked me over.
“Damn, that’s nice and you’ve been keeping in shape too.”
“I try to hit the gym three times a week. I gained some weight after my last knee surgery. I didn’t want the stress of the extra pounds, so-”
“ I hear that at work all the time. Now chill on the chatter and grab that beautiful dick of yours and stroke it the way you like to get stroked.”
My nerves had my mouth running but I stopped and wrapped my hand around my cock and stroked it. Chantel’s eyes were glued to my action as she stepped back and pulled down her pants. She wore gray boy shorts. The wet spot between her legs was apparent and the way they clung to her body was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. I tightened my grip as Chantel slid out of her sneakers, pulled those boy shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. Her defined athletic body, along with those amazing breasts, and her trimmed pubic hair had my eyes locked on her as I tugged myself. The sight of her body guided my strokes. Chantel licked her fingers before she moved them to her nipples to tease them. A sharp breath exploded from her mouth, which made me tighten my grip. She sat on the chair in front of the bedroom vanity and opened her legs.
“Mind if I use some of my toys?”

That’s just the tip of where this story goes. I hope you like this snippet and make sure to check back later this week with a few more tastes of this story as well as the links and release date.

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