Tantalizing Tuesdays – Casual Friday

It’s time for another Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser!

One picture, 200 words, and here were go.

Copyright http://tigerrjuggs.tumblr.com/
Copyright http://tigerrjuggs.tumblr.com/

“What seems to be the problem this time, Jerold?”

He refused to look up. Every time Martika got wind of a complaint, she’d show up to his office, before the paper work was filed, to see if she could make it go away.

“Ah… nothing,” he swallowed.

Jerold shuffled through the tower of papers on his desk. The click of her heels sauntering to his desk forced a bead of sweat to fall down the center of his brow. The shadow of her body cascaded over his desk. The curvature of her breasts fell inches away from his finger tips. He struggled with the urge to extend his digits and trace the edges of the dark shadow that ripped at his sense of professionalism.

“Come on, Jerold? We’re friends, right?”

“You could say that,” he trembled.

“Then just say it, my friend.”

Martika reached over and lifted his chin up. He had no choice but to look. His eyes locked on to her golden skin of her wonderful breasts. Then he noticed her open shirt, gasped at the flash of nipple, and shut his eyes as tight as possible.

“I don’t think that’s what they meant by casual Friday, Martika.”

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