Tantalizing Tuesdays – For Karla

I’m back.

To say the past week has been rough would be an understatement but I think I’m slowly working it out with the move and the ne, cleaner design for this blog.

Anyhow, it’s time for another Tantalizing Tuesday teaser. One image, 200 words, and your enjoyment.

Copyright http://wineinawaterbottle.tumblr.com
Copyright http://wineinawaterbottle.tumblr.com

Karla looked innocent but that only disguised just how dangerous she was to me. With a simple glance I was under her control and willing to do anything she wanted.

When we took the train to San Diego I thought it was a good idea but in these crowed coach car seats heading back home, she gave me that glance and I suddenly felt different about our decision.

“Pull down your pants,” she whispered.

I looked at the sleepy passengers around us but that took too much time for her. Karla unbuckled my belt before I turned my head. I lifted my bottom so she could yank them down to my thighs. The glare in her eyes was maddening. She sucked on her finger and tossed her jacket over my bare legs before removing her soaked digits from her lips with a pop.

“Do you miss fucking her as much as I do?” she asked.

All I could do was nod.

“Well, this should wipe away that memory.”

Her sinister smile preceded the sliding of her clammy finger. When she reached my asshole and entered me, I groaned with delight and gave Karla exactly what she wanted. My complete submission.

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