Tantalizing Tuesdays – Survivor

I’m back this week and I think I’m getting the hang of writing when you have no place to really write what you want and need to.

Here’s my 200 word teaser for this week.

Copyright tumblr.com
Copyright tumblr.com

The doctors warned me things would change after the accident but I was having difficulty adjusting to just how much.

This had nothing to do with what the crash did to her body. The prostheses helped her return to the life she used to have. It had nothing to do with the scars left from the amputations either. Those were cosmetic to me. It’s what happened to her soul that scared me and it took all my strength to embrace the new Miko.

The loving delicate woman I fell in love with craved a sense of danger now. That danger extended to our bedroom where her desire to be taken was completely gone. There are places on my body that she’d never shown interest that were now being invaded by extensions of appendages that were no longer there. She wanted to brake me and used my body for her delight but I was the one driving the car and I had to accept my fate from walking away from that accident unscathed.

Miko now laughs as she enters me. She pushes me past the point of acceptable pain reminding me this is what it feels like to be a survivor.

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8 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – Survivor

  1. I very twisted tale. Well executed tease. Definitely left me wanting more, but with a sense of closure as well.

    1. Thanks for the comment and funny you should say that because whenem I finished this I realized that these two characters I had started to outline a novel with that I never completed. While I was cleaning up my Google Drive, Naomi I found the folder. I guess I should revisit them. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to write some dark erotica but I started that over three years ago. I think I have the e skills to finish it now. Thaks again.

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