Quick Colorful Encounters – Aja’s Need

QCE_NewFlash Fiction of 1500 words or less

Most men I’ve been involved with were open to getting pegged. Then again, most of them were bottoms, willing, and also white with a fetish to get their assholes roughly fucked by a dark skinned beauty and I longed to fulfill their fantasies. It was a desire of mine as well but I always made sure to keep a safe emotional distance. After all I was just having some fun for the moment.

Roderick, however, kind of sneaked up on me. He wasn’t like the others. His athletic frame, smooth chocolate skin, intelligence, and relaxed confidence mesmerized me to the point where I had to take a chance on him. I wasn’t looking for something serious but the next thing you know there he was tempting me with his lips, his muscular body, and his delicious ebony cock. I didn’t know if he was up to fulfilling my desires. A part of me was afraid to ask. All I know is he allowed me to open the vault I’d built around my heart with the others. I let him in and the more we got involved the less I needed my playthings, or so I thought.

As our time together went by I started to miss it. There were even times when I’d explode on Roderick’s cock when the memory of fucking one of my playthings would pop into my head while we were having sex. We were still in that phase of trying to figure each other out when I decided I should tell him my what I really craved before things got too deep.

Roderick didn’t seem like the type to freak out about something like this but I still decided to meet in a public place just in case he went off on me. When I told him what I desired, his face went blank and when he did answer, I was shocked at his response.

“I’m fine with that.”

“Are you sure? I mean… have you ever done it before?”

“No. The worst thing that could happen is that I hate it, right?”

The idea of plowing his virgin ass gave me chills.

Roderick jumped into this with enthusiasm. The fact he was so willing to go that extra mile warmed me. He started off with butt plugs and discovered which lube worked best for him. When it time came for Roderick to finally let me have him, he took me to the store so we could pick out the strap on that I would use on him together.

His body shook nervously when we entered the bedroom. He dropped his pants and bent over to present his undefiled ass to me and I smiled. His hole was already prepped with a butt plug waiting for me to remove it.

“Be gentle,” he whispered.

I tenderly removed the butt plug protruding between his mahogany ass cheeks. I held back my excitement and took my time when I entered him. The tension in his virgin ass was sublime and by the time I reached the smoothness of my stroke, Roderick was clawing at the sheets.

His body quivered with each valiant plunge. His legs went stiff as he fought off the uneasy feeling of the head of the dildo brushing against his prostate. I asked him to relax but he just couldn’t do it so I pounded him into compliance. I know he’d asked me to be gentle but the allure of his innocent man pussy was too tempting for me to contain myself.

Roderick eventually learned to relax his legs. We’ve graduated to my usual sized toys and I have someone that I can share my heart and my cravings with now. It’s not an everyday thing or a weekly event but he understands when I need it, how to let me have it without protest.

Last night was a special moment for us both. A client was giving me hell finalizing a contract. I called Roderick to blow off some steam. He picked up on the tension in my voice and told me to swing by our favorite sex toy store on the way home and there would be a present waiting for me. By the end of the day, things had only gotten worse. I was so pissed I almost forgot to drop by the store but I had to pass it on the way home.

The woman at the register handed me a long black box with a bow on it and a card that read ‘put this on before you come upstairs’. I opened the box to see a purple double-ended dildo and strap on harness. It had enough length to be inside me and reach him as well with a knob that would keep it secure through the o-ring.

Purple Double DelightThe idea of feeling this in my cunt while I fucked him consumed me. By the time I got to the dressing room I was wet enough to slide it inside me. I pulled it through the harness and put my pants back on. The bulge was apparent and as I drove home through snail like traffic I couldn’t help but stroke it. Every touch of my hand sent a shock wave through the silicon, which kept me primed in anticipation of fucking him hard when I arrived.

When I entered the apartment a glass of wine waited for me on the dining room table. The bright smile on his face greeted me and he was dressed business casual. Roderick gave me a kiss as his hands unzipped and pulled the head of the dildo from my pants.

“I want you to fuck me just like that.”

He turned his back to me and placed his hands on the table. I took a sip of wine as the firmness of his ass beckoned to me. I studied his posture as the flavor of the wine ignited my tongue.

“Drop those pants,” I commanded.

A wanton sigh escaped from his lips and he unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants, spread his cheeks and presented his thoroughly lube up asshole for my pleasure. It was a beautiful offering, shiny and slick and he winked his sphincter at me to let me know he was ready.

“Take me as nasty as you want to, baby. Use my ass to fuck away this day.”

Nasty is what I needed right now. I spit on my hand. The sound made him shiver. I used the saliva in my palm to slick the surface of the dildo before I stepped between his legs and slowly entered him.

Every inch I pressed forward sent vibrations through my pussy. Roderick threw his hips back into me and I shuddered. The tenderness I started off with disappeared as my cunt was sweltering from the tremors in the dildo. Soon his masculine guttural moans of pleasure accented my loving but unforgiving thrust.

The sight of the length of silicon jutting from my fly as it disappeared into his anus had me grasping at his flesh. Each yelp from his throat propelled me until the slaps of my thighs against his ass had me plunging to into him with so much force the table moved underneath us. I could feel my juices dripping down my leg as my budding orgasm raged through me.

He tightened he asshole and threw his hips back into me again. I yelped as the end of the dildo brushed against my spot. My legs quivered and I pushed through the vice he created with his sphincter determined to get give it back as good as he was giving it to me.

I reached up, grabbed him by the throat, and squeezed just hard enough for him to understand how much I was enjoying him and with a solid furious thrust, forced his balls to tighten and unleash his load in the hardwood floor. My orgasm burst within seconds of his ejaculation. He groaned as my pussy clasped hard on the dildo sending a jolt through the length of silicon that was still deep inside his ass.

I slipped the dildo from inside him and gave his asshole a loving drag from my tongue that forced him to chuckle. My body still tingled as I dropped my pants, unhooked the harness, and gingerly pulled the other end of the dildo from inside me. It landed on the table with a thud and Roderick turned to face me.

“That was amazing,” he stated before giving me a kiss. He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand and a devilish grin crawled across his face.

“Now, that I’ve gotten the hang of this there’s something I need you to do for me.”

In all this time, he had never revealed his kinky needs but he had given his all to please me. I’m sure after what he’d done for me I’d have no problem returning the favor.

© Kendel Davi 2015

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