Quick Colorful Encounters – Inviting Neighbors

Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.
Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.

When I saw them in the hallway I never spoke to them beyond pleasantries but at night, those two were all I could think about. Our bedrooms shared a common wall and despite my attempts not to pay attention to them, the thin plaster membrane that separated us left little to the imagination and at times that could be somewhat disturbing.

I didn’t want to deprive them from enjoying each other. There were times I just wished they weren’t so loud. When they first moved in next door, they christened every room in their apartment with such verbosity that I slept on the couch in the living room. I could still hear them go at it but at least I was far enough away so I could get some sleep. I even thought about saying something to them but I didn’t want them to think I had a problem with them being gay.

What people do with each other in the privacy of their bedroom is no business of mine but that wall made me feel like I was right there with them.

Last night, after a brutal double shift at work, I was long over due for some much needed sleep. As I drifted off those two started up. The bass from their music started to shake the walls in a vain attempt to muffle their groans. I thought about banging on the wall to let them know I was trying to sleep. Instead, I grabbed my pillow and headed for the couch when a deep male groan cut through the music.

“Ah, come on,” I mumbled.

The focus of my distress was aimed at what was happening on the other side of that wall but I was also talking to my dick, which started to get erect as the sounds of their pleasure grew louder.

I’m straight. I shouldn’t get turned on by this, right? As much as I wanted to walk away I found my hand wrapped around my cock, stroking myself, and heading back to my bed. By the time I reached the mattress I was fully erect. I tried to wrap my head around why as the moans escalated to clear verbal exchanges.

“I want you to come in my mouth.”

I don’t know which one of them said that but it didn’t matter. I was throbbing in my hand with my ear pressed against the wall, and my mind was doing its best not to picture them together. Emanuel was light skinned, barrel chested, stocky, and bald but he had a thick beard with flecks of gray. His partner, Abel was built similar but was shorter, with darker skin, and more round.

“Keep dicking my ass deep like that, baby.”

That’s Abel’s voice. I recognized the gruff tone. Then a loud thud banged against the wall right by my ear and I pictured Emanuel bent over with his butt checks spread apart while Abel rammed his cock through the tightness of his sphincter.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I shouldn’t be picturing that at all but I was jerking my dick at a furious pace, needing to come so badly, and wanting myself to deal with these thoughts afterwards. My balls went tight as did my grip. I held my breath with my ear locked on those curious melodic sounds of powerful man fucking just inches away. A surge of energy shot through me. I lifted my hips off the bed as I pumped myself into submission floating on the sounds coming from next door and then…

“Oh, fuck!”

I thought that was Emanuel but it was me who shouted. Then everything went quiet.

“You think he heard us?”

“Of course. We can hear him too. Sounds like he’s enjoying it.”

Embarrassment flooded my body but my dick jumped at the knowledge that they knew I was listening.

“He is kinda cute. Maybe we should invite him over to join us?” Emanuel cooed.

“I bet you’d love that you dirty slut,” Abel chuckled.

“I wonder if he’s got a big dick? You know what they say about the quiet ones? If he did come over would you let him fuck me?”

A low grunt pierced through the wall followed by a slap.

“Just thinking about it has your ass all tight and shit.”

A high-pitched yelp cracked the air. I was now the focus of their sexual fantasy and despite how disturbing I thought that was I couldn’t stop tugging away at my cock. My stomach tightened as I violently pounded into my grip until a gruff voice floated through the wall.

“What’s your name, cutie?”

“Walter,” I responded but I wasn’t quite sure why.

“You wanna join us, Walter?”


I didn’t mean for the words to come out of my mouth with such bite.

“So you just want to lie their jerking you cock my your lonesome and listen to us fuck then?”

I hesitated before I answered as I was holding my breath trying to delay the inevitable.

“Yes,” I croaked.

I covered my mouth with my hands in shock. What was I doing? Why was I so willing to continue and why had they stopped? I stared at my turgid dick, its head glistening, and the scent of my precum drifted to my nose off my fingers.

“Well, if you’re not going to join us then at least let us hear you. We’d like that wouldn’t we Emanuel?”

He hummed in agreement.

“Now grab that cock of yours and let us hear it.”

I’ve gone this far so why stop now? I gripped my cock with both hands, squeezed, and shouted, “Fuck his ass so hard I can feel it!”

“Ooh, I like your style, Walter.”

A loud thud followed by the scratching of fingernails against the wall is what I heard next and then Abel released a sound from the depths of his soul that echoed through the apartment building. I slipped one hand down and cupped my balls as my other hand pulled on my shaft so hard I thought I might separate my dick from my body. They invited me into their passion and I was going to enjoy this for everything it’s worth. The banging against the wall grew louder. Abel’s painful bliss shot through his ass, out of his mouth, and into my ears. The upstairs neighbors started stomping on the floor screaming for them to stop but we were all so close to relief that nothing else mattered.

“I’m gonna…”

“Not it there. Let me taste it.”

There was a rustling as their bed banged against the wall. Then Abel groaned, which sounded more like a battle cry, and I pictured him coating Emanuel’s face in a creamy white blast.

“You taste so delicious, sweetie. Now it’s your turn.”

It was apparent from the clanging that Emanuel was jerking off and my bed was rattling against the wall as I did the same. I felt suspended and trapped as my semen shot through my shaft splashing on my taught stomach as I let go a groan of relief. I was so caught up that I didn’t hear Emanuel come but I heard Abel smacking his lips from the aftermath. I reclined on my bed panting, listening to their soft kisses as I pictured them licking their faces clean. Then the confusion set in. I gazed at my come-saturated stomach questioning everything I knew about myself up to this point.

InvitingBlast“Walter? Are you, okay?” Abel asked.

“But I’m not gay,” I pleaded as I felt tears welling up.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” he responded.


“Then that’s the only thing that matters. The only people who know are the three of us, right?”

I knew that but hearing those words put my mind at ease a little. I glared the mess I’d made of my body not sure what to say. Then the words fell out of my mouth.

“Thank you.”

Everything went quiet again.

“You’re welcome. Pleasant dreams, Walter.”

“You too… fellas.”

I rushed to the shower to clean up. A few moments later I heard their shower turn on.

“We should invite him over for lunch or something. It would be nice if he had someone to talk to about this.”

“I hope he doesn’t think we’re trying to get him into a threesome. Even though-”

“Shut up, Abel and wash my back, please. All we can do is extend the invitation.”

Yes to the invitation and as far as the threesome, I’m not sure if I’d ever be ready for but after what happened tonight, it would be nice to have someone who understands to talk to about this.

© Kendel Davi 2015

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