Tantalizing Tuesdays – NEXT

For this Tantalizing Tuesday Tease I used the image in a different way than I’ve done before so without saying too much about it, here’s mine.

Copyright crashpadseries.com
Copyright crashpadseries.com

The toss of a towel at my damp body curdled my stomach.  A defiant smirk signaled the false impression that, just because they’d come, somehow they had conquered me as well. My flesh under the thickness of their seed was scorched, irritated as if infected by an ancient plague carried by the history of men that I granted entry into my body as well as my bed. All of their bodies, faces, and cocks morphed into my hatred of getting ejaculated on to the point where I avoided sex at all cost until my need for dick reached critical urgency.

I did my best not to succumb but the strength of David’s gaze equaled to my desire to get fucked. Now my pussy is clenched around his girth, pushing myself to explode before he can. His body goes tense. I know I’ve failed and prepared myself. He yanked his cock from my pussy, coated my stomach with it, but the warmth of his tongue lapping his semen from my skin before disgust had a chance to settle into my soul was a shock.

“Swallow that.”

That fact he obeyed didn’t surprise me as what I ordered him to do next.

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Tantilizing Tues Teaser Photo

4 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – NEXT

  1. Holy shit, Kendel, that was a scorcher. I was aroused before I even read a word by the photograph. What a perspective. You so articulated her disgust, with herself and men, but oh how she celebrated her liberation…that was sexy as Hell. xo

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