Tantalizing Tuesdays – The Collector

It’s Tuesday, yet again. You know that that means? One images, 200 words, and a delightful tease from me.

This one is fresh from the noggin as the comments from my darker, edgier erotica has inspired me to play in that realm a little more. Thank you for that and now, here is my Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser.

Marguerite was something Simon had collected. Her Persian features and French accent snatched his attention and like most things Simon desired, his cash supply allowed him to obtain her. He didn’t know her history and didn’t care. He offered her an escape she couldn’t reject but she had no idea she’d pay for it with her soul.

William was also someone Simon had collected. The ex-boxer turned body guard once protected Simon but now Marguerite was his responsibility. William knew how Simon had obtained his fortune. Simon saved William from a murder charge and William returned that favor with his loyalty until Marguerite came along.

As with all things collected, these two wounded souls lost their purpose for Simon and found a new one with each other. When Simon’s gaze came back to them, he felt it, and found a new reason to keep them around.

To watch them fuck.

Copyright Mofos Network
Copyright Mofos Network

The brutal things he demanded they do to each other for his entertainment strengthened their bond. His money and influence meant nothing now. Simon felt the only way to deal with them was on the sea. That’s where he dumped his collected things he no longer had control over.

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7 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – The Collector

  1. What a fabulous first paragraph to a new novel! I was struck in the moment from the outset! Very creative and skillfully crafted. Well written and threatening. What a murderous plot…….I love it! I wish I had written it, word-for-word! xo

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