Tantalizing Tuesdays – Teach Me Tonight

Another Tuesday, another tease.

Cutting this one down was harder than usual but I still feel this one says what I wanted to say. So, here goes this weeks Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser.

Found on EZPorn.com
Found on EZPorn.com

The more cruel I was to Lawrence the better lover he became. Each harsh word tore at his masculinity to the point he felt he was forced to prove himself by ravishing my pussy. He was a naturally sweet lover but when I desperately needed to get fucked he failed miserably.

It reached the point where I wouldn’t allow him to touch me but I’d get myself off in front of him hoping he’d throw me down and take me but that never happened. Instead he talked about how he appreciated my openness to explore myself in front of him.

I’ve had enough of talk. I needed him to do something about it and then one night I exploded.

“I should bring somebody else in here to show you how to fuck me right!”

Before I could apologize he was on top of me. Pounding my cunt until I was rain slick wet and finally understanding that as much as I needed to get done, he desired to be my bitch even more.

Tonight I brought a friend over. Lawrence will lick us where we’re joined and after that we’ll both get what we need most. Each other.

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Tantilizing Tues Teaser Photo

9 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – Teach Me Tonight

  1. Oh wow! Sensational! Scorching hot! Proving that some men need a wake up call and help along when it comes to sex. I hope the three of them get what they need. Fab teaser.

  2. Now, THAT was a real scorcher, Kendel! You get what you deserve, but sometimes…only if you ask for it! Great, sexy HOT teaser. This was a great line, my fav: “I was rain slick wet”. Yummy you.xo

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