Tantalizing Tuesdays – Fill Me, Feel Me

Is it Tuesday? Why yes it is. That means it’s time for another Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser.

It’s been a while since I’ve used a Burning Lotus picture and this so I went through my files and found the image that I feel fits this tease best so here are my 200 words for this week.

Copyright BurningLotus.tumblr.com
Copyright TheBurningLotus.tumblr.com

The lube from my hand made his cock glisten. Each firm grasp made him even harder than before. Despite the fact he shot a healthy load down my throat a few minutes ago, his unyielding erection pulsed in my palm aching to enter me.

I tightened my grip. His breath stuttered as I pushed a thick drop of precome from his cock head with my thumb. Young dick. You can’t complete with it, especially when there’s an understanding that this is just a good hard fuck to celebrate this milestone.

“I wanna taste you first,” he croons.

I chuckle and lean back on the bed I used to share with my husband and force Derrick to enter my pussy.

Every inch of his tender thrust wipes away any trepidations I had about turning 50 tomorrow. Tonight I’ll be his little slut, allowing him to fill my cunt just like he did my mouth and if the tyke has anything left there’s another place he can fill.

I’ll let him rest until my husband comes by to pick up the rest of his shit so my voice can penetrate his heart like he did my soul when he cheated on me.

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Tantilizing Tues Teaser Photo

10 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – Fill Me, Feel Me

  1. I just love the boldness of the character, the explicit descriptions that made her seem like an almost uncaring seductress and then the payoff at the end that gives her a sudden and powerful depth. I loved this tease!

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