Quick Colorful Encounters – Fresh Produce

Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.
Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.

“Why, Karen? Why?”

His breath was panicked. Almost as if he was surprised by what he was doing but the way he pounded into my asshole told me he relished every second.

“Because I love it, Melly Mel.”

His anger propelled his thrusts and I found my head slammed against a rack of discounted wheat bread.

“I told you not to call me that.”

“I don’t pay attention to shit you say.”

He whispered the word cunt through his teeth just loud enough for me to hear him.

What I did wasn’t illegal. You’d have to stretch to even consider it solicitation. Nobody got hurt, the store got their money, and some unsuspected dude would have a story to tell about how he got a blow job from some chick at the grocery store for a pack of gum because she left her purse in her car.

If it were something more costly like perishables, I’d offer my cunt. I usually only allowed my ass to get taken on holidays or special events. Today was one of those days. Melvin was the type of guy whose name tag stated store manager even though he didn’t have the personality to command that respect.

“This is what you get for fucking around in my store.”

“Your store,” I laughed. “You’re a spreadsheet sheet pussy who can’t get it up without a label to give you permission.”

He grabbed my hair, yanked me off the stale bread, and throttled my ass before pushing my face against the cold cinder block wall. His need to prove he was more than what his uniform stated captured me. I slid my hand up my thigh until I felt my wetness on the tip of my fingers. Right before I found my clit, Melvin grabbed me by the elbows and lifted me from the wall.

“If you’re gonna come it’s gonna be from my dick fucking you in the only hole you’ve got that’s worth fucking.”

His earnest groans smacked against my ear and as wonderful as he felt inside me, I couldn’t help but laugh. I would’ve covered my mouth if he hadn’t been clutching my arms but my titillation sparked a fury in him that was brutally unforgiving.

“I hate you. I hate every fucking thing about you.”

His thrusts jostled my insides as if he were trying to fuck the wall in front of me. I backed into him and flexed my sphincter. Melvin let go of my arms and clutched my hips. His breathing was erratic now. I could hear his sobs clearly and his guttural agony needed as much release as I did.

“At least Timothy knew how to focus and fuck the shit outta me. He never had to catch me to do this. I gave myself to him willingly.”

I knew I’d gone too far. Timothy was the old store manager who used Melvin’s attention to detail for his advantage. I knew Timothy’s name alone was enough to push Melvin over the edge and this was a verbal slip that paid off with instant rewards.

I felt his ire through his cock building tension like a rattlesnake prior to its deadly strike. A mild fear shook me. Then Melvin wrapped his hands around my throat, squeezed, and attempted to break me open with his dick.

“You uppity self righteous bitch!”

I bit my lip and scraped my nails along the cold concrete wall. My insult forced him to focus all of his energy towards my asshole and I stretched my arms out, giving control over to him. My breath became like steel burning in my chest as I cried out for relief. I knew he was so close to coming. I needed him to flood my ass so I could do the same but instead he threw his cock into me with full force and gave my clit a thunderous slap before jutting his fingers into my quivering wet cunt.

I came violently, clenching my ring of muscle around his cock, hoping I had enough strength to milk him but Melvin withdrew his cock from my ass, leaving his probing fingers as our only connection. My legs grew weak. Too week to stand and as a parting gift, Melvin yanked his hand away and I melted into a shivering mass on the linoleum.

“Turn around and open your fucking mouth, Karen.”

My asshole was gaped, my cunt trembling, and the temperature of the wall reminding me where I was in my state of arousal. I opened my mouth like the good girl he always wanted me to be but my spirit never allowed that to happen.

Melvin aimed the head of his cock between my open lips, jerking his shaft in concentrated strokes and I wanted nothing more than to feel the warmth of his seed coat my tongue. He’s been through enough with me. My actions had put his job in jeopardy too many times and this was something I wanted to do for him.

He bowed over me. One hand on the wall for balance the other on his cock for direction and with a tightening of his grip shot his thick load into my open gullet. I left my mouth open for all of him. I wanted Melvin to see what he had done, take pride in it, and lavish in the confidence that he had owned me, at least for this moment.

“Now swallow.”

I closed my mouth, making sure I magnified the sound as the muscles in my throat pushed his victorious ejaculate towards my stomach. The warmth of it was soothing. The salty taste ignited my desire and I teased my clit with my fingers drawing out the final traces of my orgasm. Then I opened my mouth to let him see. The only traces of his seed left were on the sides of my lips. He motioned for me to stand. My blouse was damp from sweat. My ass still slick from the lube and tender from his pounding, and my cunt still ached from my orgasm.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Karen?”

His eye still showed some remnants of pain but the smirk on his face let me know he’d be able to get over it.

“Happy anniversary, baby.”

“Ex anniversary, Karen.”

Melvin put his cock back in his boxers and pulled up his pants. Then he leaned over, licked his seed from the edges of my lips before he kissed me. It had been two years since our divorce but we still loved each other and that made things difficult. On days like today I try to forget the things that drove us apart.

“Do you really hate me?”

“Sometimes. Like when you mentioned Timothy-”

“I know.”

“A little too fucking much, Karen.”

“And how do you feel now?”

Melvin glanced at me.

“Does your asshole still ache?”

I grimaced. He smiled. That’s all he needed to know. I reached in my purse and handed him the envelope with his alimony check.

“You earned it this month.”

He refused to take it. I placed the envelope in the front pocket of his shirt and gave it a soft tap right above his heart before I turned to leave. His pride of being ordered to have me pay him alimony wasn’t too damaged for him not to deposit that check. I straightened my clothes, checked my make up in the reflection of the refrigerated dairy cooler and sashayed down the hallway. I could feel his eyes on my ass, probing, remembering, and lusting about what just happened. When I reached the swinging metal doors, I looked over my shoulder and caught his gaze.

“Next month, Melly Mel.”

He tightened his lips and waved me off before he headed to his office. I exited the back room, entered the practically empty store, and headed towards the fresh produce. This is where it all started, the place I made his darkest fantasy come true. Having the desire to watch your real estate attorney wife turn into a cock slut at your job is one thing. Not having the ability to accept the fact that you opened the door to her true nature is another. We’ve found this happy medium that we can enjoy each other every so often. At least until we both find partners willing to accept who we are.

I grabbed a peach and took a bite. The bittersweet taste tickled my tongue. Not quite ripe yet but still a tasty treat. A hipster in flip-flops and a fade Grateful Dead t-shirt smiled at me. It was a smile of recognition but I couldn’t place his face. Maybe he heard the gossip and was searching for something but not tonight. I’ve already had my fill. I’m going to buy this peach for myself and enjoy every tangy bite.

© Kendel Davi 2015

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