Tantalizing Tuesdays – Hungry For Freedom

Sometimes life comes at you and you have to deal with it immediately. It took me away for a week but I’m back with a little dark tease for you. So, enjoy and happy Tuesday!

Copyright MedeaTeixeira.tumbler.com
Copyright MedeaTeixeira.tumbler.com

It was easy to get him here. I could see his type coming a mile away. Pompous, British, and rich whose sexual appetites were more gluttonous than exemplary. He’d gorge himself on women and cock until his eyes would glaze over, still hungry for more, and attempting to use his false sense of superiority as a tool to attempt to control me.

Every cock I sucked, every pussy I fingered, every time I was penetrated in every orifice until my dry places were soaked from exertion, I did for my own pleasure. I didn’t care if he devoured my actions but the idea he thought I did these decadent things for him was laughable.

He’s not laughing now. The slice from the cutlass through his hyoid bone made that impossible. Still his eyes were glazed over as if he were enjoying himself. His pale flesh made more pallid from the loss of blood, and me on top of him, feeling the last erection he’ll ever have in this existence pulsating inside my cunt as the last signs of life he had left to offer faded.

He teased me with freedom for years. I had no choice but to take it.

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