TantalizingTuesdays – Dirty Mojito

Another Tuesday and here comes another tease. One image and 200 words. So here’s a little F/F taste to wet your whistle today.

imagePerfectly potent mojitos led me to the decadent flavor of her cunt. An accident brought on by the mixture of rum, mint, lime juice, and Cuban sugar? I think not. Especially since Allison only drank half her drink before we headed back to our room.

She’d been too casual with what her husband wouldn’t do to her, revealed too much about her needs, and used the conference in Miami to share a room with me to see what would happen.

In mixed company she projected the role of the straight dutiful wife while stealing ignited glimpses of my breasts and finding moments to whisper in my ear so she could purposely press her body against mine. By the time we reached Miami I didn’t have a choice.

Not that I wanted a different path than what she’d already forged.

The sugar added a sweetness to our kiss. It cut through the citrus as our lips never left each other as we fondled our way to the room. Before the door closed her sundress was hiked over my head. I knelt and I pushed my eager tongue into Allison’s glistening pussy, drawing her towards her first uncontrollable quiver of the night.

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