Quick Colorful Encounters – For Nathalie’s Love

Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.
Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.

My throat was raw from the pounding of the latex cock into my gullet. A salty trail of tears decorated my cheeks as an expression of my devotion towards her as I fought through the discomfort of the brutality she displayed in fucking my mouth.

Why she needed to do this wasn’t as important to me as my willingness to let it to happen.

I reminded myself this was temporary whenever she grabbed my hair and took my breath away with a solid thrust from her hips. I coughed, a natural response, and started to apologize but was silenced with a slap to the cheek.

“Don’t you dare.”

Her voice was strained. Sweat cascaded down the curves of her naked body and dripped off her erect nipples into my bloodshot eyes. Her jet black hair was damp and matted from exertion. I still felt the love Nathalie had towards me in her gaze. My orifices were the road she used to travel on in order to set herself free from whatever was haunting her and I offered them to her without questions.

The latex cock was soon back in my mouth pushing deeper than before. I clenched my body tight accepting the agony. Through the harness I could see her inner thighs glistening. The scent of her arousal filled me to the point I could almost taste her but dared not make an attempt. Instead I shut my eyes and fought my urge allowing the darkness swallow me.

The sounds were as penetrating as her thrust. The squelch from the plunging of my mouth invaded the room followed by a familiar taste. Nathalie had replaced the latex cock with her fingers. The flavor of her cunt swarmed my used mouth as she pushed her fingers to the back of my tongue. I inhaled. The air rushed into my lungs making her flavor that much more potent forcing my own arousal to peak. As much as I wanted this moment to be for Nathalie, my cock betrayed me. It’s arrival was unwanted mentally but keeping my focus on remaining contained resulted in a raging erection.

Her amusement glowed through her smirk. She knelt and wrapped those wet fingers around my cock controlling me with firm deliberate strokes. I opened my eyes and she pressed her thumb against my glans with increased strength.

“It’ll be all over soon if you’re good.”

Her vocal tone had a raspy quality to it almost as if she were possessed. Even the wording she used didn’t feel like Nathalie but her fist pumping around my dick made if difficult to think about anything else. She let me go of my cock and hunched over me, jabbing the dildo back in my mouth, and reaching between my ass cheeks to pull on the base of the butt plug that had been inside me for the past few hours. That was the only thing she asked of me, to have my ass lubed and primed for whatever might happen.

“Your cunt sounds like it’s begging to get fucked.”

Fear crept into me as Nathalie yanked on the butt plug, creating an air pocket that rang inside my hollow and well lubed cavity. My forehead pushed against her stomach forcing an uncomfortable torque as she continued to pound my mouth. Shivers of intensity filled me as she gave the butt plug a slap. My need for air took over. I pushed hard against her thighs and Nathalie stumbled back somewhat taken by my burst of strength.


Nathalie grabbed me by my hair and forced me to my feet.

Copyright London Andrews

“I wanna look into your eyes when I fuck you.”

She pushed me against the kitchen counter. Using my hair like a puppeteer, Nathalie forced me on top of the cold yellow tile and gently pulled the butt plug out. That hollow sensation of being empty after so much time rushed through my body and almost as soon as I was able to enjoy the relief Nathalie filled my asshole with the dildo.

Her entry was slow but soon her pace quickened as if her previous tenderness was a recognition of the man who’d shown his unconditional dedication to her needs. However, the ghost that haunted her could only be destroyed by pounding away any emotional connection she had towards me.

Each thrust she powered into my ass was designed to obliterate her love for me until there was only a pulsating orifice that struggled to remain tight despite her force. There wasn’t as much pain as there was pressure. Her perfectly aimed strikes throttled my prostate and the surge of pleasure was sublime rendering me speechless and quivering. I lost sight of my purpose, trapped in the ecstasy of what she was doing to me until a firm grasp of my throat tore me away from my blissful trance.

“This is what a slut like you deserves.”

Her legs shook from fatigue as she tightened the grip on my throat and attempted to split me open. She was possessed, so close to the place she fought so desperately to arrive at. I could bare a few moments of discomfort if it allowed her to be free of this burden.

My stomach felt hollow. I knew I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. A high pitched whimper slipped from my lips and she knew she owned my body with that latex cock. There was nothing more to do than to give in to her and she fucked my ass with every once of strength she could dish out.

“Damn you, Trevor!”

I didn’t know who Trevor was or what he’d done but when she screamed his name, I felt the tension drain from her body. Tears flooded her dark brown eyes like ebony pools of anguish that streamed down her cheeks until the Nathalie I knew returned. Her body trembled as she pulled the dildo from my ass. Sobs accented her tears as her hands unhooked the harness and climbed on top of me with apologetic kissed.

“I’m so fucked up,” she cried.

She was far from that but any words of reassurance I could give were muffled by her tongue. Her trembling hands blindly searched for my rigid cock and drove it deep inside the wetness of her cunt. I wrapped my arms around Nathalie wanting to pump into her but knew she needed this release more than I did. Her lips cried ‘sorry’ into my mouth as she pushed herself towards an orgasm that would wipe away the ill effects of what she’d done to me in pursuit of her emotional freedom.

A tremendous plunge of her hips sent an explosion of liquid from her cunt coating my body as well as the kitchen counter. Her body trembled as her orgasm peaked and I took that moment to unleash the passion burning inside me. Using my heels for leverage, I lifted Nathalie off the counter by my hips and flung my cock inside her. Her sobs transformed into throaty gasps of elation. My muscles were tight but I pushed through the sting as I wanted nothing more than to fill her up, break through her distress, and bring her back to me not longer broken but on the mend.

“Fill me up with me everything you’ve got, Jake.”

Her voice was almost back to normal. My fatigued muscles sensed the onset of cramping but I refused to stop. I needed this. She needed this. We both deserved this and with a tightening of her cunt against my thrusting shaft Nathalie forced me to explode inside her. I flooded her pussy as my legs gave into the strain and collapsed. I took deep breaths to fend off the impending cramps. Nathalie’s body continued to shiver as she rested her weight on my body and my cock spurted inside her until I was empty.

“I wanted you to know-”

I placed my finger on her lips. The only thing that mattered was for Nathalie to understand that she didn’t have to explain her actions to me. Her eyes radiated with clarity. She accepted my body in this moment of silence as a gift and gave me a kiss to signify that.

“Thank you,” she whispered and stroked her hand through my sweat drenched hair.

At times like this silence speaks volumes, unconditional dedication erases all doubt, and knowing that allows the much needed healing to begin.

© Kendel Davi 2015

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