Tantalizing Tuesdays – Parve?

Another Tuesday, another teaser, and August is almost gone.

This summer went by way too fast and this teaser comes from a collection of short stories that I had outlined that I never finished because I changed my writing approach to erotica after I had outlined the series. Who know? Maybe sharing this will allow me to find a way to have these stories fit into how I write now.

This teaser it based on the title story for the series. The rest is self explanatory so here’s my Tantalizing Tuesdays teaser for this week.


Aug_25Once the question popped in my head I couldn’t let it go. It’s not gonna stop me but it caused a hesitation that I didn’t want Darren to think was due to something he might have done.
Abraham just couldn’t deal with the rejection and because we fucked once a long time ago he thought he owned me. Honestly, I don’t even qualify it as a fuck. Technically he put his cock inside me but even bull riders would call his performance pitiful.
Darren’s already made me come hard twice tonight. With this delicious cock in my hand, glistening from my still trembling cunt, Abraham should be the last person on my mind but when I left temple tonight he yelled out that God would punish me for what I was doing with one of them and for some reason it stuck in my craw.
“You okay, Sara?”
I responded with a grin and then bowed my mouth over his hard cock, slurping my own taste off of him as I took him balls deep.
Is semen parve? Who gives a shit.
For where I’m gonna stuff his cock next, keeping Kosher is not of my first concern.

Thanks for stopping by. Any comments on this one are very welcomed and make sure you visit the other writers sharing their teasers with you today at the link below.

Tantilizing Tues Teaser Photo

7 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – Parve?

    1. Thanks, Naomi. I hope that discovering the way I like to write now works with those stories. I’ve outlined 3 volumes before I had my revelation that made me want to dedicate my time to really expressing what’s in my head. I’m gonna try once I get the other stuff that needs me editing and covers off my plate.

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