Tantalizing Tuesdays – Breakfast

I’m back…

It’s been a while. Life kinda reared it’s ugly head for a bit and then I got a pinched nerve in my neck which makes it physically painful to write but I’ll deal with all the BS in another post.

Right now it’s time for a 200 word, one image teaser that I hope you enjoy!

Copyright AuntJudys.com Credit: Highlander
Copyright AuntJudys.com – Credit: Highlander

The piercing sunlight slapped my eyelids forcing me to turn away but the yellow walls of Kenya’s bedroom only intensified the assault of light. I threw the comforter over my head but the aroma of Arabica beans filtered through the down feathers. I peeked out of the feathery cocoon, filling my lungs with that scent, as well as capturing the remnants of what I’d allowed her to do to my body. It lingered there like a phantom gripping to the memory of me screaming for her to fist me until a wave of pleasure surged through my flesh, leaving me used and crying as I gave myself over to her completely.

“You can’t stay in bed all day, love.”

Her voice had me instantly hard. I opened my eyes to see the black latex gloves and almost empty container of lube on her nightstand. I stumbled to the kitchen naked with my asshole still throbbing from last night and my erection leading me to her.

She turned around when I entered the kitchen and hiked up her skirt. The sunlight embraced her curves, making her even more stunning. I got on my knees and crawled towards my early morning nourishment.

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