Sometimes You Have to Let Go and Live

My life has been chaos this month and in ways that have prevented from sleeping much less writing. Some of it has been great and creative but a great deal of it has been soul crushing. Writing has always been my place of comfort when my spirit is in flux. When the world come at you hard, words have been my solace. However, this month has created obstacles that has taken away my writing time. As much as I fought like hell to get a few minutes in at anyplace I could, it just wouldn’t happen.

So, instead of fighting it, I just rode this wave of chaos, praying that I could get some daylight to shine through this darkness and all I saw able to get was the flicker of a candle in the pitch abyss that has become October of 2015.

Then out of the blue, an opportunity arose which allowed me to smile for the first time this month.

I had bought a non refundable plane ticket last November that, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I wasn’t able to use. Well, in cleaning up my space, I found the ticket and booked a weekend trip to get out this hellish city and have some fun.

It only to San Francisco, which is a six hour drive from Los Angeles but it’s not LA.

Plus, I have three novels in the que, one that is 90% written and the other two are fully outlined, and this trip will give me a chance to do some research in person that I can’t to here. To top that off, when I get back, I’ll be house sitting for a few months where the only thing to disturb me from writing will be two cats.

So, maybe this chaos has its purpose. If it wasn’t for all this stress I probably would’ve gone someplace else but now, I have to let this month go and look forward to what San Francisco and November will bring me.


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