A Christmas Treat

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It’s been a while since I’ve published a post but life has been well… Life.

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who has stood by me in the past four years and I look forward to sharing all of the writing I’ve done in my absence with you in 2016.

So to thank you enjoy this little treat and I hope all of you a happy and safe holiday.



Atlanta,Georgia,downtown skyline,dusk,traffic


I felt his mind leave as soon and the brisk wind cut between us. It was more the Atlanta cold that sent his mind drifting back toward Los Angeles more than it was due to me. At least that’s what I told myself in the short trip from the bar to his rental car. He blocked the sleet that cut into my cheek with his body. He opened his jacket and I wrapped my arms around him, pulling myself into the comfort of his warmth. Even though I was physically close to him, I sensed his mind was miles away.

“Let me get that for you.”

His voice was deeper than normal or maybe it was the fact that my ear was pressed against his chest, surrounded by the smell of his leather jacket, and not wanting to let him go. He reached into his pocket, hit the remote, and unlocked the car door. I didn’t want to enter. Once I got inside   the next step would be for him to drive me home and I wasn’t ready to deal with that emptiness yet. The festive Christmas decorations at my house masked the hollowness in my heart. The glitter of the tinsel reflected off the pain in my eyes reminding me that when I bought this house, I never intended it to be a residence for one.

A frigid blast of wind shot up my dress ripping me back to the present and reminding me that the evening wasn’t done.

“Thank you,” I whispered and squeezed my body against his bringing back to life the sting of what I begged him to do to my breasts a few hours before. I clutched his erection, not surprised it was there but disappointed that there was little I could do about it. His flight was leaving in a few hours. My house was in the opposite direction from the airport. I’d softened him up in the past five days, just the way I wanted him. All I needed was another twenty-four hours to reduce him to pure carnal energy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that luxury. I pulled down on his hardness, forcing his head to follow, and right as our lips were about to touch stated, “Why the fuck do you have to leave tonight?”

I snatched my hand away, climbed into the car, and slammed the door behind me before he could answer. The confused look on his face through the window spoke volumes. He’d delayed his visit as long as he possibly could. He was going straight to work from the airport. It might have been selfish for me to want him to stay but I’d waited over ten years to have him and wasn’t willing to let him go so easily. It felt like an eternity for him to reach the driver’s side. I prayed his creative mind was conjuring up some viable excuse to keep him here one more day. My eyes followed his movements in the rear view mirror. He stopped behind the car and blew on his hands to keep them warm. Maybe I’d pushed too hard and he couldn’t wait to get away from me now. I’d done that before, when we were younger, but that was for a much different reason.

The windows fogged over from my breath. I lost sight of him just long enough to feel the cold of the leather seats against my thighs and honked the horn to signal him to hurry up.

“I didn’t think you were in such a hurry to get rid me,” he said as he opened the door and hopped in the driver’s seat. He started up the car as he was closing the door and glanced at me with a stupid smirk on his face.


I wanted to slap his lips straight.

“You could always visit me in Los Angeles, you know?”

“Or I could pay off my student loans, or deal with my mortgage, or maybe I could-”

Those same lips I wanted to slap a few seconds ago met mine. The interior of the car started to warm up as I forced my tongue into his mouth and pulled him onto me. I thought about taking him right there. All I had to do was recline the seat and let him climb over but as the temperature rose between us, so did the clarity of the windows. As much as I didn’t care if we were seen, Kevin wasn’t ready for that just yet.

I felt his cold hand on my inner thigh. My breath trapped in my throat as my hands blindly searched to free his dick from his pants. A conversation exploded a few feet away from us. Kevin snatched his head away from my lips to spot a couple in a heated argument in front of the bar. His focus was taken but mine stayed firm and I freed his dick from its khaki prison.

The light that flooded the car made his dick glisten. Even as his upper body shied away, what was in my hand was unyielding. Kevin reached to shift the car into reverse but I slapped his hand away, bowed over with my mouth open, and took him into my mouth. His body went stiff as I showed his dick no mercy and locked my head at the deepest point, breathing through my nose, and waiting for that undeniable signal for him to submit to my mouth.

Kevin balled up his fist at the initial sensation, then he relaxed and stroked his finger through my hair. That was not the reaction I wanted from him. This was not a gift. I needed to imprint my mouth into his memory. I wanted every lash from my tongue to cut into his soul, leaving scars. Five days ago he was the perfect gentleman. The same sweet guy I knew back in college who I thought was too ‘soft’ for my desires. That same guy who I’d molded into the lover I needed him to be for me.

Our reunion last year wasn’t by accident. I’d sought him out, weaved him in, never intending for things to go this far, but hoping he’d follow the path I’d laid. A simple e-mail I sent out of the blue turned into a harsh tale of emotional emptiness for both of us. Then came the phone calls and the Skype chats, each one more revealing than the next both emotionally a physically. I knew he always cared about me and after all these years it was nice to know he still did. That helped ease my trepidation and soon this spark of reconciliation ignited into an inferno of lust. The distance between us kept me safe, or so I thought. I had forgotten that I’d moved to the city he grew up in. His family still lived here. He always made the trip back east to see them for the holidays and with the responsibilities of family, I didn’t think he’d have time to see me but he made the effort and I took full advantage of his presence. He already knew my mind but this gave me a chance to let him know my body. There was no need for pleasantries. When he arrived   at my house I was naked and stayed that way the entire time he was here, christening every room in this empty house with a different part of my body for him to enjoy. It was my mouth in the foyer, my cunt in the living room, and my ass in the kitchen. By the time we reached the bedroom, I let him have me any way he wanted.

There was a tenderness to his caresses. The seventy pounds I’d gained in the ten years since we last saw each other appeared to be of on consequence. His touches radiated with adoration. His mouth on my flesh melted away any body shame I had. He locked his head between my legs, gently awakening my clit in ways I’d never felt before and his cock inside me felt like it was created it to be there. Tender, passionate… it was more than what I could have expected and left me wanting more.

There was a safety in allowing me show him my slutty side. Knowing the love was there freed me in ways I didn’t think possible. He fought to hold on to his decency. Afraid that if he succumbed to raw passion he might not be able to return but that’s exactly what I needed. I wanted him to tell me how hard he was going to fuck me, where he wanted his dick inside me, and which orifice of mine he wanted to own. He stumbled over the words on the first day but soon found the strength to ravish me, leaving me sore and slick from my own wetness and lube.

My body trembled under his strength. My pussy engulfed him, aching to take everything he could give and in between the times he wasn’t fucking me, the held be tight, letting me know how beautiful I was to him. By the third day Kevin had become a natural. I didn’t feel the urge to laugh when he said ‘cunt’. He powered into me knowing my limits and licked away the soreness from my pussy with a tenderness I’d never experienced. The fourth day he had family obligations, as did I, which left me somewhat empty hoping that his journey into normalcy hadn’t taken away what we’d gone through which now left me here, with his dick in my mouth in the parking lot of one of the few bars open on Christmas night.

I ejected his cock from my mouth and smiled. My saliva left an obvious wet spot on the front of his pants. Confusion filled his eyes as the words that had flowed so freely from his mouth a day ago appeared to escape his mouth in this moment. I stroked his dick, locking my eyes into his, piercing through his mental turbulence, and knowing this moment could be the last one between us for a long time.

“What do you want, Kevin?”

He pumped into my hand as I squeezed. His lips trembled but no words came out. I could tell what he wanted. I could feel it in every twitch of muscle in his body but I wasn’t going to give it to him unless he demanded it.

“Let me drive behind the building,” he whimpered under my grasp.

“Are you ashamed of me? Whatever you want we’re going to do it right here. So, what do you want?”

His eyes bounced but still, no words left his lips. Then he reached for my head and attempted to forced my head down but I slapped his hand away.

“I needed to hear it, Kevin. What do you want to do to me?”

My words struck him in the right way this time. The confusion in his face was wiped away and  replaced with a grin of focus as he stated, “I’m gonna fuck your mouth.”

Before I could enjoy the directness of what he said, Kevin grabbed the back of my head and brought me down on his dick, pushing me until he felt my body go tense. He used that depth as a benchmark and began to flog my throat.

“I love the way you take all of my fucking cock!”

I relaxed my jaw allowing him to slink further into my gullet. His body was possessed, at least his hips were, and I took the brunt of his force. It was his hands that displayed the complexity of his emotions as on hand gripped my hair at the nape of my neck controlling my head as the other gave me cheek gentle loving strokes. It was that touch that made me want to go further than I thought possible with him. I wanted him to use my mouth as he felt fit. His caresses let me know how much he appreciated me. Soon, I was bobbing my head, under the power of his hand until he moved his hand from my cheek, grabbed the back of my head with both hands and flooded my mouth his his seed. He pulled my head just far enough away to where he wouldn’t gag me and after what we had done the past few days I was surprised at the volume he produced. I drank him down slowly, savoring his taste knowing this memory was going to have to hold me over for a while.

The front of his pants were soaked. I licked away that last trickles of come from the head of his dick and he pulled me in for a kiss before starting the car and speeding toward my house. Our scent filled the car, surround our difficult silence as we knew this had to be goodbye, at least for now. When we got to my house, he had just enough time to change his pants before heading on his way.

“I guess you won’t have to spring for a hotel the next time you’re in town,” I said hoping there would be a next time, at least before the next Christmas holiday. He smiled and gave me a kiss. His eyes were filled with sadness but with a glimmer of hope dancing in the back of them.

“I’ll call you as soon as I land in Los Angeles.”

It was a strange thing to say at this time but it was better than hearing him say goodbye and with a gentle squeeze of his ass, sent him on his way. His cologne clung to my scarf and even though he had just left I found myself missing him and the emptiness of the house slowly started to consume me. As much as I wanted him to stay I knew that was impossible. To delay the feeling of dread wafting over me, I jumped in the shower, poured me a glass of wine, and climbed into bed with my scarf draped around my shoulders.

I laid in the dim light of my bedroom, sipping on Cabernet, and allowing his scent to consume me. My hands surveyed my body, searching for the traces of his touches, when the e-mail alert on my cellphone stole me attention. I could read his name from a distance and launched toward the phone as if it were an emergency. I opened his e-mail and read his message.

I hope that you’re free next week, Ariel. New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles is something you have to experience.

Attached was a round trip ticket. My heart stopped, not sure how to respond to this unexpected gift but knowing six days was long enough to be away from him.

“See you on the 31st,” I e-mailed back and crawled back into bed. This house didn’t feel so empty anymore and I drifted off to sleep, with Kevin on my mind, dreaming about how we could celebrate the coming of the New Year together in the City of Angeles.

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