Stay Awhile

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Quick Colorful Encounter, but it’s a new year so let’s start off fresh. Quick Colorful Encounters are works of short fiction under 1500 words.

So, please enjoy and feel free to comment on my first QCE for 2016.

This cock feels so good in my pussy.

Ten years ago this thought would’ve never entered my mind. A few years ago, I would’ve been too embarrassed to admit it. Now that I’m divorced from a man who refused to fuck me on Sundays because it was The Lord’s Day, I can fully embrace it. At 50, my sex life is supposed to be heading towards the downside, right? Fuck that! I didn’t feel like this in my twenties, thirties or even my forties. Then again, I was married to Mister “a proper wife doesn’t act like that” towards me while he was dipping his wick into his boss’ assistant.

I can taste his hunger as he groans in my ear. His attempt to hold off from coming gets challenged when I contract on his dick. His teeth dig into the flesh of my shoulder and he throws himself into me.

“How bad do you want it?”

I don’t respond and wait for him to force me to speak. He weaves his fingers through my sweat matted hair and with a yank, forces me to beg for it.

Last year the thought of dealing with any man was nauseating but after too much Soju at my divorce party, my urges slipped out while talking to my niece Hae-won and she suggested that we go ‘shopping’.

I’d never been in a sex store before but being tipsy and having Hae-won with me gave me courage. She must come here a lot. Everybody knew her and soon my head swirled with knowledge of lubes, dildos, vibrators, and anal toys. I had no idea people put things in their ass for pleasure but when Hae-won said this was her gift to me, I figured why not? There were places in my body I had no idea could turn me on and once I figured out that lube and relaxation are the keys to anal, I was hooked.

Those gifts did wonders for me but I missed the pressure of a man’s body. The sounds he makes as he’s about to come. The taste of his sweat as it drips off his lips onto mine. That’s exactly what I’m getting now but no matter how clear you make things, there’s usually a price to pay.

Male egos are fragile. Even if you fully explain all you need is the sex, they always think you want more. After spending most of my life with a man who didn’t try to get me off, I didn’t have the patience to be polite. Fuck me and leave might not seem polite but I’m not running for Woman of the Year.

When I first started I went way too young. I followed that up by dealing with men close to my age but none of that worked for me. That Mommy fetish or that fucking Cougar bullshit was just as bad as the old dudes with the blue pills who thought, just because they had a medically induced erection, I should do what they say.

The Asian fetish had to be the worst. Most guys I’ve been with had that one but since I was Korean, I didn’t quite meet their fantasies and nine times out of ten they were a lousy fuck anyway. I knew this guy was different because what he’s doing with my body right now… fantastic.

He lifts my body off the bed by my shoulders. I arch into him absorbing every furious inch and knew there was one place I needed him to be before the afternoon was out.

If I’d known he had this type of skill and endurance I would’ve lured him in the first time I walked past his apartment building. Then again, I wasn’t looking for anything at the time. I was still feeling the effects of the last failed excursion. All I wanted was to take my afternoon power walk around the block. I was so into my music I didn’t even notice him until my body reacted to his energy.

He wasn’t the typical guy I went for but I made a detour and circled his building just to be sure. His ebony skin and short dreads pulled me in. Soon my hips followed suit and with a glance over my shoulder I knew he was interested. I didn’t have the time today but I wanted to see if my allure would hold up the next time we met. A few days later I could almost feel him before I turned the corner. He smiled as I passed by. That gave me the excuse to perform my personal checklist. No marriage or engagement ring. A nice muscular build and he appeared to be the right age. This time, I felt his eyes on me all the way down the block but by the time I came back around, he was gone. Then earlier today when I spotted him I didn’t want to risk missing out.

“Why don’t we go back to my apartment and fuck?” I whispered. Being that direct takes away any guesswork. He knew what I wanted. The rest is up to him.

“Okay,” he stated with a smile.

The right answer to a simple question.

I laid out the details on the few blocks it took to get here. By the time the door closed behind us he was undressing me. His lips were soft. His grip, strong and soon I gave myself over to him. He knew what he was going to get so he took his time savoring my body. The true sign of an experienced lover.

“You’re gonna come for me first before I fuck you.”

My body writhed under his command and I allowed him to strip me and before I had a chance to settle into his touch, he yanked down my shorts and locked his mouth onto my pussy. It had been so long since anybody had gone down on me voluntarily and I squealed. When the flutters of my orgasm hit, I tried to push him away but he was too strong and all I could do was come on his mouth. My weakened body slid to the floor as he stood, supporting my body to the floor leaving my eye level with his sturdy erection and without hesitation I took it out and lodged his dick in my mouth.

I didn’t want to rush things but my cunt was still tingling, and his cock was the right size for what I needed him to do. He gave shallow thrust as his body succumbed to my mouth. I stood and attempted to lead him to my bedroom but he couldn’t wait. He turned me around until I faced the front door and slicked his cock into my willing pussy. It was sudden, dirty, and I loved every second of it.

That brings me to now, as we’ve move to the bedroom, and I reach for the lube in my nightstand to slick up my asshole for him. He slows his stroke in anticipation. He must be shocked at what I was offering to him and when I glide two fingers into my ass, he pulls his cock out of me and watches. He was so close I felt his breath between my cheeks but what I need most is his cock deep inside me.

I prepared myself for him to pound my ass but he takes his time, placing pressure on my lower back as he enters me. Soon I’m biting my comforter with my fingers in my cunt as my asshole tightens around his cock. He pulls my body towards him, fighting through my tautness and cursing himself for enjoying me so much. I know I can’t last much longer. I’m practically fucking my own ass with his cock and from the power he’s throwing towards me, I feel he’s close. Through staggered breath, I throw my head back and croon, “I need you to come in my ass.”

© My Deep Dark Secret

Need was the perfect word because he soon explodes inside of me and the internal flutter forces me to orgasm.

As our bodies calm down, confusion sets in because the urge for him to leave isn’t there. When he asks for me to point him to my bathroom panic grips my soul. When he comes back with a warm washcloth to clean up the mess we made together, there is only one thing to say.

“I’m Jeannie by the way.”

“Rick. Nice to meet you,” he laughs.

“So, Rick? I hope you’re not too busy today because I’d like you to hang out for a while.”

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