Tantalizing Tuesdays – Sasha’s Surprise

It’s Tuesday again. That means it’s time for another one picture, 200-word teaser.

This one is a slight return to the deliciously dark teasers I’m used to writing so here it goes.

Sasha texted that she had a ‘surprise’ for me but that only made me more nervous. Whenever she made that claim Sasha never disappoints. A knot formed in my stomach as the elevator doors opened. I headed towards my office as a force of habit but then a muffled scream stole my focus.

It came from my bosses office. I opened the door not sure of what to expect and what I saw froze me.

© MissFoxx_FD

“Remember when I brought you lunch last week?”


“Well, your jackass boss offered to give you a raise if I let him fuck me. I thought about telling you then but I felt you’d enjoy this a lot better.”

She picked him up by the hair and bent him over his desk. His eyes watered as he silently pleaded for me to help but as Sasha stepped into her strapon harness, I knew he wasn’t getting out of this.

Help you? What?

You’d disrespected my wife. You’ll get what you deserve. For some reason that made me smile.

She lubed up the shaft. The sound forced him to shiver and when she plowed into him with force, a pained wail expoded from his mouth.

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