Tantalizing Tuesdays – Allison’s Panties

It’s time for another 200 word, one image teaser for this Tuesday.

With today’s teaser, I would like to introduce you to Allison and Vincent. An African-American switch couple who have discovered the beauty of pushing each others limits due to their trust and connection with one another. I’m planning to give these two their own feature on this blog as well as having them appear in some of the large works I’m working on in the next few years but first, I wanted to bring them out in this Tantalizing Tuesday.

Angela's Panties

I recognized Allison’s panties when I entered the laundry room. She wore these last night as she pleasured herself to my struggle. Tied to a hard wood chair with my cock swollen from the lack of release, she worked her magic wand on her clit until she squirted on my cock. It was the closest I’ve been to touching her since we began this foray, but other men had failed her, and I knew I had the strength to see this through.

Put them on and stroke that thick cock for me.

I knew from her text she was watching me from somewhere. I stepped out of my sweat pants and put them on. The back of the thong rested against the butt plug she shoved into my ass before I started the laundry. I gripped my cock, tugging slowly along the shaft knowing that’s what she likes, and waiting for her to give me permission to come.

A knock on the door startled me.

Turn around, Vincent.

There she stood with her phone in one hand and the other down her shorts. My phone vibrated and I glanced at her message.

Now come for me, my little man cunt.

Thanks for stopping by and please, make sure you check out me fellow writers sharing their teasers with you today at the link below.

Tantilizing Tues Teaser Photo

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