Tantalizing Tuesdays – Burn After Reading

It’s time for another 1 image, 200 words teaser!

I’m not going to say much about this one except for the fact that you can find inspiration in the most wonderful of places. Sometimes you forget that writing is all about rewriting and here’s my reflection on that struggle.

© Wikimediacommons.org

Each time he read the agreement the less bitter he became. That metallic taste that usually occurs followed by anger that wells up until it becomes acid with the urge to spew venomous rhetoric wasn’t there. This time he wondered why and then soon remembered, this time, it was his fault.

All he could do was strip away the memory, start something new, and burn what he’d already created. It no longer held any allure for him even though the first 24 hours it felt like the stones of the castle were pummeling him to death. He had built it from nothing and once that agreement had been reneged upon, he was back where he started.

With a clean slate.

The strike of a match began his journey to freedom. Every file printed and deleted from his hard drive, he stared at the fireplace knowing with a flick from his wrist it would be over. Though that bitter taste sprung forth for a moment he snapped his fingers and watched it burn.

The flames cleaned his soul as he opened his notebook to start something new in the ashes of what he once felt was important, never to return again.

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11 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – Burn After Reading

  1. I felt the anguish of him burning his writing, hopefully to start all over again. I did this myself once. It was a bad mistake. I never felt any better burning what I have written even if the circumstances were my fault which they were. I did start over but at a loss of some burned pages needed to complete a new beginning, If this character is able to start over without regretting burning all that which they have written, like I did, he was free to release the past.. There is never a new beginning without forgiving the past. Loved this Teaser. You really got me thinking.

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