Tantalizing Tuesdays – The Cure

It’s time for another 200 words, one image teaser.

This month I’ve been cleaning up my external hard drives and finding work that I started but couldn’t see how to push some of these stories through. Then I discovered they could all be part of a much larger piece.

Today’s teaser is about two minor characters who are linked to a major event in a much larger story but I think these two might deserve a short story series of their own.

Let me know what you think?

When his famous brother’s murder hit the news there was no place Derek could mourn in peace. That kind smile which graced his face was now replaced by a haunted gaze. He lived a few doors from my apartment and with his face now in the news, his privacy was destroyed. A quiet dinner at my place might be just the thing he needed to relieve his pain and I soon found the cure for his sadness in the back of my throat.

As I swallowed his thickness a sound exploded from his mouth that was far away from dread. My mouth to sublimated his sorrow. I felt his pain escape his body with each brutal thrust and my pussy was next to ease away his grief but the guilt from enjoying his desperate fucking overcame me so I presented my ass to assuage my liability, allowing him to flood my asshole until I came.

At first, I thought it might have been a dream until he exited my bathroom with a green towel wrapped around his waist. I yanked him down on the bed, pulled apart the towel, and gave him a reason to never loose that smile again.


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Tantalizing Tuesdays – Retention

Tantalizing Tuesdays Teaser Time!

By now, you know the deal. One picture, 200 words and a few of my writing friends sharing their work with you today.

So, here’s my little tease. Enjoy!

Feb 16
© unknown discovered on tumblr

My body shivered when I felt David ejaculate and fought my smile of satisfaction. His eyes blazed as he gripped his cock, still dripping with the fruits of his physical release, and scanned the work of art he’d just released on my ebony canvas.

“Damnit, Vanessa!” he groaned and sat back on his knees.

His breath was staggered. The muscles in his shoulders twitched and then he shook his head. I would’ve comforted him but my ego wanted to embrace this moment. This was just a speed bump in his spiritual journey that I didn’t fully understand. Why hold back? It didn’t make any sense to me. Men can’t come without ejaculating, right?

For the past five weeks whenever we fucked his body gave me all the signs it was possible but this was the proof I still needed to feel from him. The fact I was coming all the time was amazing but without his release, it felt empty, and in my selfish victory I giggled.

That’s when he knew I’d locked my legs around his body on purpose and when I felt his cock entering my pussy again, I was more than willing to pay for my actions.

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Tantalizing Tuesdays – Compersion

Well, it’s Tuesday. You know what that means don’t you?

Another 200 words, one images Tantalizing Tuesdays teaser.

© Juan Stevens Photography

Knowing the truth would’ve crushed him. He’d already taken the risk of being with me despite his family’s warnings.

“That Jezebel’s gonna lead you straight to hell, boy!”

He took off his collar, chose me, and I educated him on the pleasures of the flesh but I got exhausted always being the teacher. Monica understood and with a whisper during lunch I opened myself up and lavished in the lessons she gave me.

But soon the guilt set in. The taste of her cunt lingered even as Elijah discovered new ways to please me through on his devices. However, the only way to have them both was to plant the seeds of a threesome in his mind.

When he asked me to invite Monica for dinner I knew my months of gentle suggestions had taken root. What I didn’t expect was my excitement when I witness his cock enter Monica where my mouth had been. Soon, my guilt vanished and I fought my urge to join them because this was their moment.

I turned my head and fingered myself engulfed in the sounds of my husband fucking my best friend.

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Tantalizing Tuesdays – Harder

It’s time again for another 200 word, 1 image teaser.

I’m going to let this one speak for itself. This one kind of flowed out of me.



Each deep stroke brought me closer to submission but I continued to fight, afraid what might happen if I allowed my body to give in to his power. We shouldn’t be doing this in the first place. I let him in too close too fast. Now I find myself struggling between using his body for my own desires and letting him go because lately, he’s been able to touch me in places deeper than where his cock could reach.
“Oh, fuck!”
My voice becomes shrill. I felt myself loosing this battle and sink my lower back until my ass is flush with his thighs. If he just takes me I can forgive myself for letting him in but instead he stops.
Maybe he’s having the same doubts but his ability to control himself forces me to make the decision. I break knowing the risks and accept the fact that this is much more than a good fuck this time.
I weep from where we’re joined and revel in his strength as the power of his cock consumes me. His dick pierces through the wall I constructed that blocked me from loving again and allow him to take me freely.

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