Tantalizing Tuesdays – Compersion

Well, it’s Tuesday. You know what that means don’t you?

Another 200 words, one images Tantalizing Tuesdays teaser.

© Juan Stevens Photography

Knowing the truth would’ve crushed him. He’d already taken the risk of being with me despite his family’s warnings.

“That Jezebel’s gonna lead you straight to hell, boy!”

He took off his collar, chose me, and I educated him on the pleasures of the flesh but I got exhausted always being the teacher. Monica understood and with a whisper during lunch I opened myself up and lavished in the lessons she gave me.

But soon the guilt set in. The taste of her cunt lingered even as Elijah discovered new ways to please me through on his devices. However, the only way to have them both was to plant the seeds of a threesome in his mind.

When he asked me to invite Monica for dinner I knew my months of gentle suggestions had taken root. What I didn’t expect was my excitement when I witness his cock enter Monica where my mouth had been. Soon, my guilt vanished and I fought my urge to join them because this was their moment.

I turned my head and fingered myself engulfed in the sounds of my husband fucking my best friend.

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