Tantalizing Tuesdays – Retention

Tantalizing Tuesdays Teaser Time!

By now, you know the deal. One picture, 200 words and a few of my writing friends sharing their work with you today.

So, here’s my little tease. Enjoy!

Feb 16
© unknown discovered on tumblr

My body shivered when I felt David ejaculate and fought my smile of satisfaction. His eyes blazed as he gripped his cock, still dripping with the fruits of his physical release, and scanned the work of art he’d just released on my ebony canvas.

“Damnit, Vanessa!” he groaned and sat back on his knees.

His breath was staggered. The muscles in his shoulders twitched and then he shook his head. I would’ve comforted him but my ego wanted to embrace this moment. This was just a speed bump in his spiritual journey that I didn’t fully understand. Why hold back? It didn’t make any sense to me. Men can’t come without ejaculating, right?

For the past five weeks whenever we fucked his body gave me all the signs it was possible but this was the proof I still needed to feel from him. The fact I was coming all the time was amazing but without his release, it felt empty, and in my selfish victory I giggled.

That’s when he knew I’d locked my legs around his body on purpose and when I felt his cock entering my pussy again, I was more than willing to pay for my actions.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check out some of my writing friends that are sharing their teasers with you today at the link below.


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