Tantalizing Tuesdays – A Taste of Ghana

It’s been a while but rather than explain the details of my absence, I just want to jump back into this full force.

One image, 200 words, and a few of my writing friends sharing their work with you today.

So, here’s my first tease for the month of May.


I aimed each lick at the soft pink of her cowry shell, encased in a deep mahogany that brought me closer to her. The moonlight captured in the droplets of sweat seemed to shine brighter against her skin. I wanted to stay but the duties of my mission where completed. This treat I reserved for my final night. No amount of prayer would relinquish me from the weight of my sins nor would I want it to.

Her hips floated inches above the thin mattress. Her legs trembled with each lap of my tongue. Then a thunderous crash of the ocean against the sand outside my bungalow sprayed my cheeks with a saline dew from the power, or so I thought, until I opened my eyes and realized it was… her.

“If my father finds out…”

I launched my body upward and stopped her words with a kiss. Death wasn’t what I wanted to think about right now. If his foot soldiers discovered us I knew that would be my fate. I inched the head of my cock to where my mouth had just been and with a gentle thrust of my hips earned the right to die for her.

Thanks for stopping by and take some time and visit some of my fellow writers sharing their work with you at the following link:

Tantilizing Tues Teaser Photo

9 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – A Taste of Ghana

    1. Thanks, Angelica. Life is life but you can’t let those dark days control you. The only way you can win is to pop your head from under the covers. I’m better now but it was rough for a moment.

  1. OMG, that last line was explosive — absolutely the very best, Kendel. The pace was ominous and insistent, the story itself so moving and compelling. I really loved this piece. xo

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