Tantalizing Tuesdays – The Beginning

I’m not sure if this is the start of something bigger or just a tease but I’ve had this image in mind to use for a while so I finally got around to it.

So, you know the deal by now. One image, 200 words, and a few of my fellow writers sharing their teasers with you today.

So, have a wonderful Tuesday. Now, on to my teaser.

May 17
found on tumblr

I’d stuffed every orifice Jamison had at his request. His body trembled in anticipation but what he was about to witness had little to do with him. This was my true nature but telling him that might break his spirit. I wanted to break his body first.

Drool streamed around the ball gag. A bright crimson made even more dynamic against the chocolate skin of his face and each echo from my heels against the hard floor forced his mouth to stream.

I removed the blindfold with a flourish. He violently coughed at the site of my naked body and swallowed hard as his eyes locked on my bare pussy.

“I really love this outfit.”

I posed on the floor. My eyes calculated where to strike first. When I spotted his cock flinch against the stainless steel of the cock cage, I had my target. He noticed where my eyes where focused. His body tensed, and with a flick of my wrist I sent a flash of leather against his metal constraint.

He made a horrific sound. That gave me comfort and I knew he was willing to accept his fate when Jamison mumbled ‘Thank you’ around the ball gag.

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8 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays – The Beginning

  1. This, as usual, is a deliciously written, expertly scripted piece of Heaven. While I do not understand this type of love-making, I can appreciate the talent it takes to describe it in manner that is compelling for those that do. And the wordsmithery it takes for it be seriously searingly ***H*O*T*** for the rest of us!! Bang on, Kendel. And oh, by the way, I friggin’ LOVE that outfit, too! xo

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