Tantalizing Tuesdays – The Book of Knowledge

It’s Tuesday again and this time, I decided to stretch myself a bit.

I don’t write a lot of paranormal erotica. There are a few short stories that I’ve attempted in the past but for some reason, I never continued to write them beyond doing so at my pleasure.

However, once I saw this picture there was only one way to go with this teaser in my mind so I hope you enjoy my venture into this genre.

May 23
found on tumblr


His lips trembled as he fought off temptation. The visions of hellfire and eternal damnation etched into his brain from years of seminary study appeared weak against her naked flesh. The only image that dampened his lust flooded his mind from the book of Genesis.

“Are you gonna fuck me or what, Danny?”

The dripping sweat from his brow seared his cheek. He’d been warned about her. Those rumors seemed too good to be true but Danny tempted fate. He glared at his cock, shiny with her saliva, trying to convince himself that he hadn’t sinned yet.

“If you truly believe then you know you’ll be forgiven, right?”

“Are you questioning my faith?”

“No. I know you are. Boys do that. Men who believe don’t waver.”
She opened her legs and chuckled. The hollow sound stabbed Danny’s resolve. He lurched forward, his hand tight around her throat, and plowed his cock deep into the depths of her cunt.

That’s when he felt it.


The muscles of the serpent’s mouth constricted around his cock.

“Not even close, boy. You need to study more. Now, feed my pet. We need more weak souls like yours in order to win this battle.”

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