Tantalizing Tuesdays -Molded Memories

Happy Tuesday!

I don’t know where this came from but I’ve been trying to allow my mind to go where it wants to a lot more than usual. So, here’s my teaser for this last Tuesday in May.

May 31(Tomerzo)
Tomerzo.tumblr.com (Bad Girl)

The sound of his name flooded my body with lust but knowing I’d see him again drowned me with worry. It wasn’t my intention to hide this from my husband but I thought I’d see Vincent again after that last fuck.

If I’d known he’d take this city by storm as an upcoming senator, I might have rethought my decision. The established trust fund baby who I could control or the struggling law student that left my pussy sweltering? I never let him know my decision. I didn’t want that pressure on my goodbye fuck. I told him I was moving back to Colorado after I graduated because I couldn’t afford to live in Manhattan.

Five years later I’m back here looking at an invitation to a fundraiser with Vincent’s name on it, paid for by my husband who says stupid shit like ‘he’s a credit to his race’.

He has no idea there isn’t an orifice of mine the budding political superstar hasn’t filled.

And I can’t guarantee that it won’t happen again.

I pulled out my trusted friend. I dildo I made from a mold of his cock, praying I can make it without too much temptation, tomorrow night.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to visit the other writers sharing their teasers with you today at the link below.


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