About Jo


You see, the thing about sex is this…

Almost everybody wants to have it. Straight people, transgender people, pansexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, gays…

If you can think of a group of people, I can guarantee you they want it, they need it, and they are somehow in search of it. Even asexual people enjoy not having to deal with the need to have sex.

It’s those moments of build up that leads people to the point of physical expression that I write about. The tense moments, the funny ones, the passionate, angry, and the unconventional ones are my favorites. My best personal sexual experiences have come from the most interesting and unexpected people and situations.

That’s what I do. I write about Sensual Characters who have Limitless Diversity in what they do, who they do, and even sometimes how many people they do it with.

Being a writer of color is the lens that I look at the world through and it influences what I put on the page. My stories are kinky, perverted, queer, colorful, vanilla, polyamorous, sometimes romantic, and always erotic.

So, enjoy yourself as I share with you what makes me Kendel Davi.

Thanks for stopping by.

KD Sig_new

Kendel has work published through Naughty Nights Press and his short story “Tongue Tied” won 2nd Place in the Girlzporn.com 1st Annual Short Story Competition.

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