Stay Awhile

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Quick Colorful Encounter, but it’s a new year so let’s start off fresh. Quick Colorful Encounters are works of short fiction under 1500 words.

So, please enjoy and feel free to comment on my first QCE for 2016.

This cock feels so good in my pussy.

Ten years ago this thought would’ve never entered my mind. A few years ago, I would’ve been too embarrassed to admit it. Now that I’m divorced from a man who refused to fuck me on Sundays because it was The Lord’s Day, I can fully embrace it. At 50, my sex life is supposed to be heading towards the downside, right? Fuck that! I didn’t feel like this in my twenties, thirties or even my forties. Then again, I was married to Mister “a proper wife doesn’t act like that” towards me while he was dipping his wick into his boss’ assistant.

I can taste his hunger as he groans in my ear. His attempt to hold off from coming gets challenged when I contract on his dick. His teeth dig into the flesh of my shoulder and he throws himself into me.

“How bad do you want it?”

I don’t respond and wait for him to force me to speak. He weaves his fingers through my sweat matted hair and with a yank, forces me to beg for it.

Last year the thought of dealing with any man was nauseating but after too much Soju at my divorce party, my urges slipped out while talking to my niece Hae-won and she suggested that we go ‘shopping’.

I’d never been in a sex store before but being tipsy and having Hae-won with me gave me courage. She must come here a lot. Everybody knew her and soon my head swirled with knowledge of lubes, dildos, vibrators, and anal toys. I had no idea people put things in their ass for pleasure but when Hae-won said this was her gift to me, I figured why not? There were places in my body I had no idea could turn me on and once I figured out that lube and relaxation are the keys to anal, I was hooked.

Those gifts did wonders for me but I missed the pressure of a man’s body. The sounds he makes as he’s about to come. The taste of his sweat as it drips off his lips onto mine. That’s exactly what I’m getting now but no matter how clear you make things, there’s usually a price to pay.

Male egos are fragile. Even if you fully explain all you need is the sex, they always think you want more. After spending most of my life with a man who didn’t try to get me off, I didn’t have the patience to be polite. Fuck me and leave might not seem polite but I’m not running for Woman of the Year.

When I first started I went way too young. I followed that up by dealing with men close to my age but none of that worked for me. That Mommy fetish or that fucking Cougar bullshit was just as bad as the old dudes with the blue pills who thought, just because they had a medically induced erection, I should do what they say.

The Asian fetish had to be the worst. Most guys I’ve been with had that one but since I was Korean, I didn’t quite meet their fantasies and nine times out of ten they were a lousy fuck anyway. I knew this guy was different because what he’s doing with my body right now… fantastic.

He lifts my body off the bed by my shoulders. I arch into him absorbing every furious inch and knew there was one place I needed him to be before the afternoon was out.

If I’d known he had this type of skill and endurance I would’ve lured him in the first time I walked past his apartment building. Then again, I wasn’t looking for anything at the time. I was still feeling the effects of the last failed excursion. All I wanted was to take my afternoon power walk around the block. I was so into my music I didn’t even notice him until my body reacted to his energy.

He wasn’t the typical guy I went for but I made a detour and circled his building just to be sure. His ebony skin and short dreads pulled me in. Soon my hips followed suit and with a glance over my shoulder I knew he was interested. I didn’t have the time today but I wanted to see if my allure would hold up the next time we met. A few days later I could almost feel him before I turned the corner. He smiled as I passed by. That gave me the excuse to perform my personal checklist. No marriage or engagement ring. A nice muscular build and he appeared to be the right age. This time, I felt his eyes on me all the way down the block but by the time I came back around, he was gone. Then earlier today when I spotted him I didn’t want to risk missing out.

“Why don’t we go back to my apartment and fuck?” I whispered. Being that direct takes away any guesswork. He knew what I wanted. The rest is up to him.

“Okay,” he stated with a smile.

The right answer to a simple question.

I laid out the details on the few blocks it took to get here. By the time the door closed behind us he was undressing me. His lips were soft. His grip, strong and soon I gave myself over to him. He knew what he was going to get so he took his time savoring my body. The true sign of an experienced lover.

“You’re gonna come for me first before I fuck you.”

My body writhed under his command and I allowed him to strip me and before I had a chance to settle into his touch, he yanked down my shorts and locked his mouth onto my pussy. It had been so long since anybody had gone down on me voluntarily and I squealed. When the flutters of my orgasm hit, I tried to push him away but he was too strong and all I could do was come on his mouth. My weakened body slid to the floor as he stood, supporting my body to the floor leaving my eye level with his sturdy erection and without hesitation I took it out and lodged his dick in my mouth.

I didn’t want to rush things but my cunt was still tingling, and his cock was the right size for what I needed him to do. He gave shallow thrust as his body succumbed to my mouth. I stood and attempted to lead him to my bedroom but he couldn’t wait. He turned me around until I faced the front door and slicked his cock into my willing pussy. It was sudden, dirty, and I loved every second of it.

That brings me to now, as we’ve move to the bedroom, and I reach for the lube in my nightstand to slick up my asshole for him. He slows his stroke in anticipation. He must be shocked at what I was offering to him and when I glide two fingers into my ass, he pulls his cock out of me and watches. He was so close I felt his breath between my cheeks but what I need most is his cock deep inside me.

I prepared myself for him to pound my ass but he takes his time, placing pressure on my lower back as he enters me. Soon I’m biting my comforter with my fingers in my cunt as my asshole tightens around his cock. He pulls my body towards him, fighting through my tautness and cursing himself for enjoying me so much. I know I can’t last much longer. I’m practically fucking my own ass with his cock and from the power he’s throwing towards me, I feel he’s close. Through staggered breath, I throw my head back and croon, “I need you to come in my ass.”

© My Deep Dark Secret

Need was the perfect word because he soon explodes inside of me and the internal flutter forces me to orgasm.

As our bodies calm down, confusion sets in because the urge for him to leave isn’t there. When he asks for me to point him to my bathroom panic grips my soul. When he comes back with a warm washcloth to clean up the mess we made together, there is only one thing to say.

“I’m Jeannie by the way.”

“Rick. Nice to meet you,” he laughs.

“So, Rick? I hope you’re not too busy today because I’d like you to hang out for a while.”

Quick Colorful Encounters – For Nathalie’s Love

Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.
Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.

My throat was raw from the pounding of the latex cock into my gullet. A salty trail of tears decorated my cheeks as an expression of my devotion towards her as I fought through the discomfort of the brutality she displayed in fucking my mouth.

Why she needed to do this wasn’t as important to me as my willingness to let it to happen.

I reminded myself this was temporary whenever she grabbed my hair and took my breath away with a solid thrust from her hips. I coughed, a natural response, and started to apologize but was silenced with a slap to the cheek.

“Don’t you dare.”

Her voice was strained. Sweat cascaded down the curves of her naked body and dripped off her erect nipples into my bloodshot eyes. Her jet black hair was damp and matted from exertion. I still felt the love Nathalie had towards me in her gaze. My orifices were the road she used to travel on in order to set herself free from whatever was haunting her and I offered them to her without questions.

The latex cock was soon back in my mouth pushing deeper than before. I clenched my body tight accepting the agony. Through the harness I could see her inner thighs glistening. The scent of her arousal filled me to the point I could almost taste her but dared not make an attempt. Instead I shut my eyes and fought my urge allowing the darkness swallow me.

The sounds were as penetrating as her thrust. The squelch from the plunging of my mouth invaded the room followed by a familiar taste. Nathalie had replaced the latex cock with her fingers. The flavor of her cunt swarmed my used mouth as she pushed her fingers to the back of my tongue. I inhaled. The air rushed into my lungs making her flavor that much more potent forcing my own arousal to peak. As much as I wanted this moment to be for Nathalie, my cock betrayed me. It’s arrival was unwanted mentally but keeping my focus on remaining contained resulted in a raging erection.

Her amusement glowed through her smirk. She knelt and wrapped those wet fingers around my cock controlling me with firm deliberate strokes. I opened my eyes and she pressed her thumb against my glans with increased strength.

“It’ll be all over soon if you’re good.”

Her vocal tone had a raspy quality to it almost as if she were possessed. Even the wording she used didn’t feel like Nathalie but her fist pumping around my dick made if difficult to think about anything else. She let me go of my cock and hunched over me, jabbing the dildo back in my mouth, and reaching between my ass cheeks to pull on the base of the butt plug that had been inside me for the past few hours. That was the only thing she asked of me, to have my ass lubed and primed for whatever might happen.

“Your cunt sounds like it’s begging to get fucked.”

Fear crept into me as Nathalie yanked on the butt plug, creating an air pocket that rang inside my hollow and well lubed cavity. My forehead pushed against her stomach forcing an uncomfortable torque as she continued to pound my mouth. Shivers of intensity filled me as she gave the butt plug a slap. My need for air took over. I pushed hard against her thighs and Nathalie stumbled back somewhat taken by my burst of strength.


Nathalie grabbed me by my hair and forced me to my feet.

Copyright London Andrews

“I wanna look into your eyes when I fuck you.”

She pushed me against the kitchen counter. Using my hair like a puppeteer, Nathalie forced me on top of the cold yellow tile and gently pulled the butt plug out. That hollow sensation of being empty after so much time rushed through my body and almost as soon as I was able to enjoy the relief Nathalie filled my asshole with the dildo.

Her entry was slow but soon her pace quickened as if her previous tenderness was a recognition of the man who’d shown his unconditional dedication to her needs. However, the ghost that haunted her could only be destroyed by pounding away any emotional connection she had towards me.

Each thrust she powered into my ass was designed to obliterate her love for me until there was only a pulsating orifice that struggled to remain tight despite her force. There wasn’t as much pain as there was pressure. Her perfectly aimed strikes throttled my prostate and the surge of pleasure was sublime rendering me speechless and quivering. I lost sight of my purpose, trapped in the ecstasy of what she was doing to me until a firm grasp of my throat tore me away from my blissful trance.

“This is what a slut like you deserves.”

Her legs shook from fatigue as she tightened the grip on my throat and attempted to split me open. She was possessed, so close to the place she fought so desperately to arrive at. I could bare a few moments of discomfort if it allowed her to be free of this burden.

My stomach felt hollow. I knew I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. A high pitched whimper slipped from my lips and she knew she owned my body with that latex cock. There was nothing more to do than to give in to her and she fucked my ass with every once of strength she could dish out.

“Damn you, Trevor!”

I didn’t know who Trevor was or what he’d done but when she screamed his name, I felt the tension drain from her body. Tears flooded her dark brown eyes like ebony pools of anguish that streamed down her cheeks until the Nathalie I knew returned. Her body trembled as she pulled the dildo from my ass. Sobs accented her tears as her hands unhooked the harness and climbed on top of me with apologetic kissed.

“I’m so fucked up,” she cried.

She was far from that but any words of reassurance I could give were muffled by her tongue. Her trembling hands blindly searched for my rigid cock and drove it deep inside the wetness of her cunt. I wrapped my arms around Nathalie wanting to pump into her but knew she needed this release more than I did. Her lips cried ‘sorry’ into my mouth as she pushed herself towards an orgasm that would wipe away the ill effects of what she’d done to me in pursuit of her emotional freedom.

A tremendous plunge of her hips sent an explosion of liquid from her cunt coating my body as well as the kitchen counter. Her body trembled as her orgasm peaked and I took that moment to unleash the passion burning inside me. Using my heels for leverage, I lifted Nathalie off the counter by my hips and flung my cock inside her. Her sobs transformed into throaty gasps of elation. My muscles were tight but I pushed through the sting as I wanted nothing more than to fill her up, break through her distress, and bring her back to me not longer broken but on the mend.

“Fill me up with me everything you’ve got, Jake.”

Her voice was almost back to normal. My fatigued muscles sensed the onset of cramping but I refused to stop. I needed this. She needed this. We both deserved this and with a tightening of her cunt against my thrusting shaft Nathalie forced me to explode inside her. I flooded her pussy as my legs gave into the strain and collapsed. I took deep breaths to fend off the impending cramps. Nathalie’s body continued to shiver as she rested her weight on my body and my cock spurted inside her until I was empty.

“I wanted you to know-”

I placed my finger on her lips. The only thing that mattered was for Nathalie to understand that she didn’t have to explain her actions to me. Her eyes radiated with clarity. She accepted my body in this moment of silence as a gift and gave me a kiss to signify that.

“Thank you,” she whispered and stroked her hand through my sweat drenched hair.

At times like this silence speaks volumes, unconditional dedication erases all doubt, and knowing that allows the much needed healing to begin.

© Kendel Davi 2015

Quick Colorful Encounters – Fresh Produce

Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.
Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.

“Why, Karen? Why?”

His breath was panicked. Almost as if he was surprised by what he was doing but the way he pounded into my asshole told me he relished every second.

“Because I love it, Melly Mel.”

His anger propelled his thrusts and I found my head slammed against a rack of discounted wheat bread.

“I told you not to call me that.”

“I don’t pay attention to shit you say.”

He whispered the word cunt through his teeth just loud enough for me to hear him.

What I did wasn’t illegal. You’d have to stretch to even consider it solicitation. Nobody got hurt, the store got their money, and some unsuspected dude would have a story to tell about how he got a blow job from some chick at the grocery store for a pack of gum because she left her purse in her car.

If it were something more costly like perishables, I’d offer my cunt. I usually only allowed my ass to get taken on holidays or special events. Today was one of those days. Melvin was the type of guy whose name tag stated store manager even though he didn’t have the personality to command that respect.

“This is what you get for fucking around in my store.”

“Your store,” I laughed. “You’re a spreadsheet sheet pussy who can’t get it up without a label to give you permission.”

He grabbed my hair, yanked me off the stale bread, and throttled my ass before pushing my face against the cold cinder block wall. His need to prove he was more than what his uniform stated captured me. I slid my hand up my thigh until I felt my wetness on the tip of my fingers. Right before I found my clit, Melvin grabbed me by the elbows and lifted me from the wall.

“If you’re gonna come it’s gonna be from my dick fucking you in the only hole you’ve got that’s worth fucking.”

His earnest groans smacked against my ear and as wonderful as he felt inside me, I couldn’t help but laugh. I would’ve covered my mouth if he hadn’t been clutching my arms but my titillation sparked a fury in him that was brutally unforgiving.

“I hate you. I hate every fucking thing about you.”

His thrusts jostled my insides as if he were trying to fuck the wall in front of me. I backed into him and flexed my sphincter. Melvin let go of my arms and clutched my hips. His breathing was erratic now. I could hear his sobs clearly and his guttural agony needed as much release as I did.

“At least Timothy knew how to focus and fuck the shit outta me. He never had to catch me to do this. I gave myself to him willingly.”

I knew I’d gone too far. Timothy was the old store manager who used Melvin’s attention to detail for his advantage. I knew Timothy’s name alone was enough to push Melvin over the edge and this was a verbal slip that paid off with instant rewards.

I felt his ire through his cock building tension like a rattlesnake prior to its deadly strike. A mild fear shook me. Then Melvin wrapped his hands around my throat, squeezed, and attempted to break me open with his dick.

“You uppity self righteous bitch!”

I bit my lip and scraped my nails along the cold concrete wall. My insult forced him to focus all of his energy towards my asshole and I stretched my arms out, giving control over to him. My breath became like steel burning in my chest as I cried out for relief. I knew he was so close to coming. I needed him to flood my ass so I could do the same but instead he threw his cock into me with full force and gave my clit a thunderous slap before jutting his fingers into my quivering wet cunt.

I came violently, clenching my ring of muscle around his cock, hoping I had enough strength to milk him but Melvin withdrew his cock from my ass, leaving his probing fingers as our only connection. My legs grew weak. Too week to stand and as a parting gift, Melvin yanked his hand away and I melted into a shivering mass on the linoleum.

“Turn around and open your fucking mouth, Karen.”

My asshole was gaped, my cunt trembling, and the temperature of the wall reminding me where I was in my state of arousal. I opened my mouth like the good girl he always wanted me to be but my spirit never allowed that to happen.

Melvin aimed the head of his cock between my open lips, jerking his shaft in concentrated strokes and I wanted nothing more than to feel the warmth of his seed coat my tongue. He’s been through enough with me. My actions had put his job in jeopardy too many times and this was something I wanted to do for him.

He bowed over me. One hand on the wall for balance the other on his cock for direction and with a tightening of his grip shot his thick load into my open gullet. I left my mouth open for all of him. I wanted Melvin to see what he had done, take pride in it, and lavish in the confidence that he had owned me, at least for this moment.

“Now swallow.”

I closed my mouth, making sure I magnified the sound as the muscles in my throat pushed his victorious ejaculate towards my stomach. The warmth of it was soothing. The salty taste ignited my desire and I teased my clit with my fingers drawing out the final traces of my orgasm. Then I opened my mouth to let him see. The only traces of his seed left were on the sides of my lips. He motioned for me to stand. My blouse was damp from sweat. My ass still slick from the lube and tender from his pounding, and my cunt still ached from my orgasm.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Karen?”

His eye still showed some remnants of pain but the smirk on his face let me know he’d be able to get over it.

“Happy anniversary, baby.”

“Ex anniversary, Karen.”

Melvin put his cock back in his boxers and pulled up his pants. Then he leaned over, licked his seed from the edges of my lips before he kissed me. It had been two years since our divorce but we still loved each other and that made things difficult. On days like today I try to forget the things that drove us apart.

“Do you really hate me?”

“Sometimes. Like when you mentioned Timothy-”

“I know.”

“A little too fucking much, Karen.”

“And how do you feel now?”

Melvin glanced at me.

“Does your asshole still ache?”

I grimaced. He smiled. That’s all he needed to know. I reached in my purse and handed him the envelope with his alimony check.

“You earned it this month.”

He refused to take it. I placed the envelope in the front pocket of his shirt and gave it a soft tap right above his heart before I turned to leave. His pride of being ordered to have me pay him alimony wasn’t too damaged for him not to deposit that check. I straightened my clothes, checked my make up in the reflection of the refrigerated dairy cooler and sashayed down the hallway. I could feel his eyes on my ass, probing, remembering, and lusting about what just happened. When I reached the swinging metal doors, I looked over my shoulder and caught his gaze.

“Next month, Melly Mel.”

He tightened his lips and waved me off before he headed to his office. I exited the back room, entered the practically empty store, and headed towards the fresh produce. This is where it all started, the place I made his darkest fantasy come true. Having the desire to watch your real estate attorney wife turn into a cock slut at your job is one thing. Not having the ability to accept the fact that you opened the door to her true nature is another. We’ve found this happy medium that we can enjoy each other every so often. At least until we both find partners willing to accept who we are.

I grabbed a peach and took a bite. The bittersweet taste tickled my tongue. Not quite ripe yet but still a tasty treat. A hipster in flip-flops and a fade Grateful Dead t-shirt smiled at me. It was a smile of recognition but I couldn’t place his face. Maybe he heard the gossip and was searching for something but not tonight. I’ve already had my fill. I’m going to buy this peach for myself and enjoy every tangy bite.

© Kendel Davi 2015

Quick Colorful Encounters – I just Can’t Say It

Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.
Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.

“Where is my hand?”

Sweat poured down my forehead, stinging my eyes, as I strained against the pressure of her hand. I sank my teeth into the flesh of my tongue to the point where I swear I could taste blood, even though I hadn’t broken the skin. Kalyn was as determined to make me say it as I was resistant to not utter that word.

It’s not to say that it has never left my lips. Sometimes in anger, sometimes in frustration. It’s a word that, even though it’s used sometimes to describe exactly where is her hand is located, I couldn’t bring my lips to say it. I attempted to close my thighs and grant myself a moment of relief, which only made Kelyn force a third finger inside me.

“Oh, fuck!”

My body shuddered.

That word, I have no problems with. I can say fuck without hesitation. It’s one of my favorites. There’s something wonderful about how those four letters create a cornucopia of pleasure once it’s released from your gullet. Hell, sometimes I walk about the house singing it at the top of my lungs because it brings a smile to my face.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Beautiful, poignant, sometimes powerful, other times, silly. It can mean so much to so many for all sorts of different reasons. And even though it’s considered a curse word, a four letter word, it’s become such a part of my lexicon I don’t know how I could live without it, but that’s not the four letter word Kelyn wanted me to say.

My struggle against her force made me more slick between my legs. Her hand glided deep inside me, despite my resistance, and I felt just moments away from giving into her and belting it out but… I just can’t do that. Not now, not like this, not…

“You fucking, bitch!”

The bite from her fingers pinching my nipples through my blouse caught me off guard. My body soared on the pain. I thrust my hips forward. She turned her hand upward in response, fluttering her fingers in the vicinity of my pleasure zone. I gasped, held my breath, and swiveled my hips in a failed attempt to force her digits to stroke me where I needed them most.

“Say it. It’ll set you free.”

I squeezed her wrist and clenched my pussy hard, attempting to force her fingers into a point but she was too strong. This was the hand she used on the neck of her guitar and the decades of playing power chords and intricate solos was no match for my sudden infatuation with yoga. My will started to bend. After all it’s just a word, right? What harm could it do? Except I made a scene about how much I hated that word when it rolled off her lips with such ease as she referred to the bass player in the band the went up just before hers. They had history. They had hatred towards each other. I understood that and maybe it was warranted but that word makes my skin crawl.

It was only a few hours ago that Kelyn was in my office at the bank opening up a new account. I had no intention of ending up in her dressing room, legs open, pussy sodden as her gifted hands worked me into a frenzy. I didn’t even ask what type of music she played. I should’ve been able to tell by the flyer. I was too taken by the way she undressed me in that plexiglass cubical to question her invitation. The transparent fishbowl we were sitting in started to fog up before she left. Now here I sit, dressed in my business suit, surrounded by posters of legendary punk rock bands, as the scent of my sex cuts through the lingering smell of stale cigarettes, beer, and weed that hung in the air.

I shut my eyes hoping the darkness might give me enough strength to keep her at bay but I lost my focus when I spotted a vintage The Runaways poster. I used to finger myself senseless dreaming of Lita Ford eating me out while my other hand was wrist deep in Joan Jett. Sandy and Cherie each had one of my breasts in their mouths while Jamie worked my asshole over. I didn’t even buy any of their music until I was in college but damn that poster and those memories. They pulled me out of my current state just long enough for Kelyn to use it against me by placing her thumb against the hood of my clit, exposing it to the sweltering air of her dressing room before igniting it with a slow deliberate flick from the tip of her tongue.

The Runaways
The Runaways

I clutched her short cropped black hair and yanked her head back. The sight of her lips, shiny from my juices as her olive-skinned hand was lodged between my caramel thighs almost made me come. My legs trembled as I forced her head towards mine for a kiss. Then she stroked her fingertips inside me, forcing me to gasp, followed by a pained whine of desire that shot from my mouth as my wound beckoned her to finish me with an unexpected squirt.

“Say it,” she growled just above a whisper with our lips so close I could feel her breath. “Tell me where my hand is at?”

“You shouldn’t end sentences with a preposition.”

“Smart ass.”

Kelyn gave my insides a quick slap. My stomach tightened as my body quivered until a sudden harsh knock on her dressing room door startled us.

“Five minutes,” called the gruff voice of the stage manager.

Kelyn chuckled before delivering a stare that told me she hasn’t begun to torture me from the depths of her skill. I swallowed hard. More nervous than excited. To calm myself I reached down and plopped her breast out from her loose fitting shirt. They were magnificent in every way with almost chocolate erect nipples against her tender skin. I pushed her back until I could wrap my lips around one and gave it a firm nip as I sucked away on it. She hummed and clutched my breast as her other hand played patty cake with my g-spot until I was writhing. Then her hand moved up my neck to my throat and with a gentle squeeze had me lost in her power, her strength, and floating on a tidal wave of sensations as she pulled in her thumb and entered me fully.

“Kelyn,” I whimpered.

I looked past her arm on my gullet to see her hand had disappeared inside me to the blue Star of David tattoo at the base of her wrist. She brought her fingers together, accented that with a tight squeeze of my throat, and I came violently around her hand. The strain intensified my orgasm. I’d never come so hard in my life, or so I thought until Kelyn released her grip on my throat for a second, allowing the rush of blood to my head to shoot me to another plane. I was suspended, unhinged, and embracing every second of this indescribable intensity. And just as quickly as it had embraced me Kelyn shut it down by reinforcing her grip.

“Now where is my hand, Erica?”

I could still breathe but she owned me as the craving for that rush consumed me. The letter “c” rushed out of my mouth before I had a chance to stop myself and I didn’t want to stop it. Her hand was there. Deep, wet, firm, and beautiful. It was heavenly and nasty, filthy and blissful. The semantics didn’t matter. I knew where her hand was and it didn’t matter what I called it because what I felt in this moment was so much more important.

“In my cunt,” I squealed.

Kelyn let go of my throat. The rush almost made me black out as I scraped my fingernails across the tarnished wood of the already damaged counter. Kelyn slipped her hand from inside me and licked her glistening fingers one by one, sucking each digit, and giving me a smile that would’ve made me melt if I already wasn’t limp.

“That wasn’t so difficult, now was it?” Kelyn smirked before she kissed me. I continued to quiver, still under her spell, and locked my dream like gaze on her. I forced my body to sit up and reached for my panties but Kelyn snatched them away from my grasp.

“You’ll get these back after my set. You can stay here if you like.”

All I could do was nod. Kelyn put my panties in her pocket and left me alone in her dressing room. Just me and my cunt, still wet, still lost in her power, and now craving what she’d let me do to her after her next set.

© Kendel Davi 2015

Quick Colorful Encounters – Inviting Neighbors

Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.
Flash Fiction of 1500 words or less.

When I saw them in the hallway I never spoke to them beyond pleasantries but at night, those two were all I could think about. Our bedrooms shared a common wall and despite my attempts not to pay attention to them, the thin plaster membrane that separated us left little to the imagination and at times that could be somewhat disturbing.

I didn’t want to deprive them from enjoying each other. There were times I just wished they weren’t so loud. When they first moved in next door, they christened every room in their apartment with such verbosity that I slept on the couch in the living room. I could still hear them go at it but at least I was far enough away so I could get some sleep. I even thought about saying something to them but I didn’t want them to think I had a problem with them being gay.

What people do with each other in the privacy of their bedroom is no business of mine but that wall made me feel like I was right there with them.

Last night, after a brutal double shift at work, I was long over due for some much needed sleep. As I drifted off those two started up. The bass from their music started to shake the walls in a vain attempt to muffle their groans. I thought about banging on the wall to let them know I was trying to sleep. Instead, I grabbed my pillow and headed for the couch when a deep male groan cut through the music.

“Ah, come on,” I mumbled.

The focus of my distress was aimed at what was happening on the other side of that wall but I was also talking to my dick, which started to get erect as the sounds of their pleasure grew louder.

I’m straight. I shouldn’t get turned on by this, right? As much as I wanted to walk away I found my hand wrapped around my cock, stroking myself, and heading back to my bed. By the time I reached the mattress I was fully erect. I tried to wrap my head around why as the moans escalated to clear verbal exchanges.

“I want you to come in my mouth.”

I don’t know which one of them said that but it didn’t matter. I was throbbing in my hand with my ear pressed against the wall, and my mind was doing its best not to picture them together. Emanuel was light skinned, barrel chested, stocky, and bald but he had a thick beard with flecks of gray. His partner, Abel was built similar but was shorter, with darker skin, and more round.

“Keep dicking my ass deep like that, baby.”

That’s Abel’s voice. I recognized the gruff tone. Then a loud thud banged against the wall right by my ear and I pictured Emanuel bent over with his butt checks spread apart while Abel rammed his cock through the tightness of his sphincter.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I shouldn’t be picturing that at all but I was jerking my dick at a furious pace, needing to come so badly, and wanting myself to deal with these thoughts afterwards. My balls went tight as did my grip. I held my breath with my ear locked on those curious melodic sounds of powerful man fucking just inches away. A surge of energy shot through me. I lifted my hips off the bed as I pumped myself into submission floating on the sounds coming from next door and then…

“Oh, fuck!”

I thought that was Emanuel but it was me who shouted. Then everything went quiet.

“You think he heard us?”

“Of course. We can hear him too. Sounds like he’s enjoying it.”

Embarrassment flooded my body but my dick jumped at the knowledge that they knew I was listening.

“He is kinda cute. Maybe we should invite him over to join us?” Emanuel cooed.

“I bet you’d love that you dirty slut,” Abel chuckled.

“I wonder if he’s got a big dick? You know what they say about the quiet ones? If he did come over would you let him fuck me?”

A low grunt pierced through the wall followed by a slap.

“Just thinking about it has your ass all tight and shit.”

A high-pitched yelp cracked the air. I was now the focus of their sexual fantasy and despite how disturbing I thought that was I couldn’t stop tugging away at my cock. My stomach tightened as I violently pounded into my grip until a gruff voice floated through the wall.

“What’s your name, cutie?”

“Walter,” I responded but I wasn’t quite sure why.

“You wanna join us, Walter?”


I didn’t mean for the words to come out of my mouth with such bite.

“So you just want to lie their jerking you cock my your lonesome and listen to us fuck then?”

I hesitated before I answered as I was holding my breath trying to delay the inevitable.

“Yes,” I croaked.

I covered my mouth with my hands in shock. What was I doing? Why was I so willing to continue and why had they stopped? I stared at my turgid dick, its head glistening, and the scent of my precum drifted to my nose off my fingers.

“Well, if you’re not going to join us then at least let us hear you. We’d like that wouldn’t we Emanuel?”

He hummed in agreement.

“Now grab that cock of yours and let us hear it.”

I’ve gone this far so why stop now? I gripped my cock with both hands, squeezed, and shouted, “Fuck his ass so hard I can feel it!”

“Ooh, I like your style, Walter.”

A loud thud followed by the scratching of fingernails against the wall is what I heard next and then Abel released a sound from the depths of his soul that echoed through the apartment building. I slipped one hand down and cupped my balls as my other hand pulled on my shaft so hard I thought I might separate my dick from my body. They invited me into their passion and I was going to enjoy this for everything it’s worth. The banging against the wall grew louder. Abel’s painful bliss shot through his ass, out of his mouth, and into my ears. The upstairs neighbors started stomping on the floor screaming for them to stop but we were all so close to relief that nothing else mattered.

“I’m gonna…”

“Not it there. Let me taste it.”

There was a rustling as their bed banged against the wall. Then Abel groaned, which sounded more like a battle cry, and I pictured him coating Emanuel’s face in a creamy white blast.

“You taste so delicious, sweetie. Now it’s your turn.”

It was apparent from the clanging that Emanuel was jerking off and my bed was rattling against the wall as I did the same. I felt suspended and trapped as my semen shot through my shaft splashing on my taught stomach as I let go a groan of relief. I was so caught up that I didn’t hear Emanuel come but I heard Abel smacking his lips from the aftermath. I reclined on my bed panting, listening to their soft kisses as I pictured them licking their faces clean. Then the confusion set in. I gazed at my come-saturated stomach questioning everything I knew about myself up to this point.

InvitingBlast“Walter? Are you, okay?” Abel asked.

“But I’m not gay,” I pleaded as I felt tears welling up.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” he responded.


“Then that’s the only thing that matters. The only people who know are the three of us, right?”

I knew that but hearing those words put my mind at ease a little. I glared the mess I’d made of my body not sure what to say. Then the words fell out of my mouth.

“Thank you.”

Everything went quiet again.

“You’re welcome. Pleasant dreams, Walter.”

“You too… fellas.”

I rushed to the shower to clean up. A few moments later I heard their shower turn on.

“We should invite him over for lunch or something. It would be nice if he had someone to talk to about this.”

“I hope he doesn’t think we’re trying to get him into a threesome. Even though-”

“Shut up, Abel and wash my back, please. All we can do is extend the invitation.”

Yes to the invitation and as far as the threesome, I’m not sure if I’d ever be ready for but after what happened tonight, it would be nice to have someone who understands to talk to about this.

© Kendel Davi 2015

Quick Colorful Encounters – Aja’s Need

QCE_NewFlash Fiction of 1500 words or less

Most men I’ve been involved with were open to getting pegged. Then again, most of them were bottoms, willing, and also white with a fetish to get their assholes roughly fucked by a dark skinned beauty and I longed to fulfill their fantasies. It was a desire of mine as well but I always made sure to keep a safe emotional distance. After all I was just having some fun for the moment.

Roderick, however, kind of sneaked up on me. He wasn’t like the others. His athletic frame, smooth chocolate skin, intelligence, and relaxed confidence mesmerized me to the point where I had to take a chance on him. I wasn’t looking for something serious but the next thing you know there he was tempting me with his lips, his muscular body, and his delicious ebony cock. I didn’t know if he was up to fulfilling my desires. A part of me was afraid to ask. All I know is he allowed me to open the vault I’d built around my heart with the others. I let him in and the more we got involved the less I needed my playthings, or so I thought.

As our time together went by I started to miss it. There were even times when I’d explode on Roderick’s cock when the memory of fucking one of my playthings would pop into my head while we were having sex. We were still in that phase of trying to figure each other out when I decided I should tell him my what I really craved before things got too deep.

Roderick didn’t seem like the type to freak out about something like this but I still decided to meet in a public place just in case he went off on me. When I told him what I desired, his face went blank and when he did answer, I was shocked at his response.

“I’m fine with that.”

“Are you sure? I mean… have you ever done it before?”

“No. The worst thing that could happen is that I hate it, right?”

The idea of plowing his virgin ass gave me chills.

Roderick jumped into this with enthusiasm. The fact he was so willing to go that extra mile warmed me. He started off with butt plugs and discovered which lube worked best for him. When it time came for Roderick to finally let me have him, he took me to the store so we could pick out the strap on that I would use on him together.

His body shook nervously when we entered the bedroom. He dropped his pants and bent over to present his undefiled ass to me and I smiled. His hole was already prepped with a butt plug waiting for me to remove it.

“Be gentle,” he whispered.

I tenderly removed the butt plug protruding between his mahogany ass cheeks. I held back my excitement and took my time when I entered him. The tension in his virgin ass was sublime and by the time I reached the smoothness of my stroke, Roderick was clawing at the sheets.

His body quivered with each valiant plunge. His legs went stiff as he fought off the uneasy feeling of the head of the dildo brushing against his prostate. I asked him to relax but he just couldn’t do it so I pounded him into compliance. I know he’d asked me to be gentle but the allure of his innocent man pussy was too tempting for me to contain myself.

Roderick eventually learned to relax his legs. We’ve graduated to my usual sized toys and I have someone that I can share my heart and my cravings with now. It’s not an everyday thing or a weekly event but he understands when I need it, how to let me have it without protest.

Last night was a special moment for us both. A client was giving me hell finalizing a contract. I called Roderick to blow off some steam. He picked up on the tension in my voice and told me to swing by our favorite sex toy store on the way home and there would be a present waiting for me. By the end of the day, things had only gotten worse. I was so pissed I almost forgot to drop by the store but I had to pass it on the way home.

The woman at the register handed me a long black box with a bow on it and a card that read ‘put this on before you come upstairs’. I opened the box to see a purple double-ended dildo and strap on harness. It had enough length to be inside me and reach him as well with a knob that would keep it secure through the o-ring.

Purple Double DelightThe idea of feeling this in my cunt while I fucked him consumed me. By the time I got to the dressing room I was wet enough to slide it inside me. I pulled it through the harness and put my pants back on. The bulge was apparent and as I drove home through snail like traffic I couldn’t help but stroke it. Every touch of my hand sent a shock wave through the silicon, which kept me primed in anticipation of fucking him hard when I arrived.

When I entered the apartment a glass of wine waited for me on the dining room table. The bright smile on his face greeted me and he was dressed business casual. Roderick gave me a kiss as his hands unzipped and pulled the head of the dildo from my pants.

“I want you to fuck me just like that.”

He turned his back to me and placed his hands on the table. I took a sip of wine as the firmness of his ass beckoned to me. I studied his posture as the flavor of the wine ignited my tongue.

“Drop those pants,” I commanded.

A wanton sigh escaped from his lips and he unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants, spread his cheeks and presented his thoroughly lube up asshole for my pleasure. It was a beautiful offering, shiny and slick and he winked his sphincter at me to let me know he was ready.

“Take me as nasty as you want to, baby. Use my ass to fuck away this day.”

Nasty is what I needed right now. I spit on my hand. The sound made him shiver. I used the saliva in my palm to slick the surface of the dildo before I stepped between his legs and slowly entered him.

Every inch I pressed forward sent vibrations through my pussy. Roderick threw his hips back into me and I shuddered. The tenderness I started off with disappeared as my cunt was sweltering from the tremors in the dildo. Soon his masculine guttural moans of pleasure accented my loving but unforgiving thrust.

The sight of the length of silicon jutting from my fly as it disappeared into his anus had me grasping at his flesh. Each yelp from his throat propelled me until the slaps of my thighs against his ass had me plunging to into him with so much force the table moved underneath us. I could feel my juices dripping down my leg as my budding orgasm raged through me.

He tightened he asshole and threw his hips back into me again. I yelped as the end of the dildo brushed against my spot. My legs quivered and I pushed through the vice he created with his sphincter determined to get give it back as good as he was giving it to me.

I reached up, grabbed him by the throat, and squeezed just hard enough for him to understand how much I was enjoying him and with a solid furious thrust, forced his balls to tighten and unleash his load in the hardwood floor. My orgasm burst within seconds of his ejaculation. He groaned as my pussy clasped hard on the dildo sending a jolt through the length of silicon that was still deep inside his ass.

I slipped the dildo from inside him and gave his asshole a loving drag from my tongue that forced him to chuckle. My body still tingled as I dropped my pants, unhooked the harness, and gingerly pulled the other end of the dildo from inside me. It landed on the table with a thud and Roderick turned to face me.

“That was amazing,” he stated before giving me a kiss. He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand and a devilish grin crawled across his face.

“Now, that I’ve gotten the hang of this there’s something I need you to do for me.”

In all this time, he had never revealed his kinky needs but he had given his all to please me. I’m sure after what he’d done for me I’d have no problem returning the favor.

© Kendel Davi 2015

Well, If You Really Want To Know

“What are you thinking?” she sweetly asks from the other side of the couch. 

I have no idea how long she’s been looking at me or for how long I had been staring into space allowing my mind to crack open those darker recesses of my being that need to be released.  It’s a fleeting thought that now carries weight as her question comes at a time when my controlled thoughts have betrayed me by sending a surge of sordid desires through my body and resting firmly into my painfully hard cock.

What am I thinking? 

I’m thinking of saying something to you that will force your primal need to punish me in the worst way, something that requires action not discussion.  A word or phrase that ignites an internal rage that will push you to the point of rushing over here and grabbing me by the throat, tempting me to say it again in order to fuel your rage.  I say it.  This time slow and clear to let you know I mean it and you respond by giving my throat a quick squeeze as you place your weight upon me, forcing me deeper into the cushions of the couch.

 I can see the wrath in your eyes as you untie your robe and tell me that you have the right use for that worthless mouth of mine and release your grip on my gullet just long enough to slide your body up mine and smother me with your pussy.  Through muffled moans I attempt to find the next remark that will add to your tyranny.  You won’t be able to hear it but you can feel it through my lips as you angrily grind you clit into my nose.

My cock swells beyond its painful presence to a point of extreme agony as you blindly reach back and take a hold of me.  Your fingernails curled inward, implanting an indication of your rage onto my shaft.  You tell me how worthless my cock is as you dig deeper to the point where I feel you might break the skin.  Then you release your grip, followed by an unguided strike that connects with my balls which sends my tongue deep into your cunt.  The pit of my stomach cries in anguish and crawls through me, which only excites you more.  Another strike is delivered, this time on purpose to the exact same spot, which has me writhing in pain and enjoying the sting to the point where a healthy drop of pre-cum crawls out of the head of my cock and seeps down my shaft cooling the stinging heat left by the impression of your fingernails. 

You look over your shoulder and watch the clear liquid coat the length of my mahogany bough and take pity on my current state of torment and decide that you won’t just allow me to cum but you’ll force it out of me as quickly as you can.  You grip firmly and stroke vigorously.  I can feel you pussy pulsating on my tongue as I struggle for breath, drinking you in and fighting for air at the same time.  Clamping your thighs against my ears you hold me where you need me to be and release yourself into my mouth, legs trembling and drenching my lips with your piquant dilution.  The velocity of your stroke around my cock has me pumping the air in earnest as you refuse to allow me to move my head away from your essence and with a twist of your wrists and a forceful tug upward, you force me to explode in a thick white blast that cascades against my sweaty, taught and panting ebony stomach.  You climb off of me and look at me with disgust as you scoop up a generous amount of my cum and rub it into my face.

All this flashes into my mind within seconds and the confused look on your face almost tempts me to say something.

“What am I thinking?  I was thinking maybe we could stay in tonight and watch a movie together.”

Her smile fills with love as she moves next to me to give me a kiss and I cover my erection in desperation wishing I had the courage to tell her exactly what’s going on in my head.