Flash Fiction Friday #21

Is it July already?

That’s hard to believe and it’s Friday so you know what that means.

One image, 100 words (no more, no less) and wonderful writers with their own unique take on the same image.

So, here are my 100 for the first Friday in July!

The scent of our sex lingers as I allow Max to catch his breath.  The morning sun sparks the navy blue vinyl seats of Max’s vintage Chevy. His legs tremble as he caresses my back and his cock, still wet from our juices, clings to my stomach as I feel his heartbeat slow from a pound to a flutter. 

“I was thinking,” Max mumbles.

I stare at him to stop him as I sense Max searching for the words to describe what just happened.  We had a deal and love wasn’t a part to that.  At least not for now. 

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12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday #21

  1. Interesting, a woman who only wants a booty call. Isn’t that supposed to be what the man wants. I like the twist, the sex was so good for him he thinks he’s in love, but she doesn’t want him to use that four-letter word.

    Well done Kendel, very well done indeed.

  2. A spark of love getting started. Beautiful. I want more, I want to read about why not right now and I want to read her give in over and over…:) Thank you, great flash.

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