Original Sin


The air trapped in my lungs was painful as the squeeze of her thighs against my ears muffled her prayers. My physical discomfort was nothing in comparison to her spiritual turmoil. At least, that’s what Allison told me numerous times and still we somehow found ourselves locked in this constant struggle. She weaved her trembling fingers through my thick hair before yanking my head up, forcing me to look at her, but not far enough to lift my lips from her clit. Her forehead was filled with anguish. I struggled to pull my lips away but Allison locked her ankles around my waist.

“Why are you making me do this?”

The reflection of the gold letters embossed on the black leather of her bible placed carefully on my nightstand stung my eyes. She placed it there on purpose. This was a reminder of what she’d allowed me to do to her, forgetting she’d succumbed to her urgent desires despite my protests. Now, she expected me to take the full burden of her guilt but this gaze into her soul hid my turmoil. I wanted out but her essence was so intoxicating I ignored all the signs of impending doom.

The urge to look away consumed me but a desperate whimper of unmitigated lust brought my eyes back to her face. My tongue glided inside her pussy, forcing her to release the vice her thighs had created on my head. My ears stung from the pressure of her thighs as she yanked my head away, glaring at me as if she were daring me to continue. The next moment was in my hands. She dripped from my lips, nourishing my need to take her, and yet fully understanding the delicate balancing act I had to perform at this moment.

The silence was unsettling. As much as I wanted to lick my lips and draw her deeper into my being, I didn’t dare. I needed her to submit to her desires first or I would be lost forever knowing that the sinner she viewed me to be was weak. Her stare grew more daring by the second, almost to the point of rebellion and I tilted my head down. Focusing on her glistening pussy I knew, until my intrusion, no other man had touched her there. Where lust should’ve been the motivating factor to continue, responsibility clouded my desire. I positioned my body to stand, knowing any motion not to continue would be interpreted as rejection and felt the strength of her grip on the back of my neck. Her tongue pierced between my lips and quickly became serpentine.

The innocence she once possessed was gone. She was now fueled by her physical need not to remain a virgin by her thirtieth birthday. Others had tried and failed but this was no victory for me. This was about timing. A mutual friend, one that I had carnal knowledge of, planted the seed in Allison’s head and allowed it fester. I was just a cock for hire to perform the dirty deed. This was a one and done experience but I lost focus on my task and found myself disoriented in the clarity of her need. There was no pretense, no gimmicks or social platitudes involved. This wasn’t some curious girl filled with uncontrolled desire but a woman focused on a singular goal and my cock was the solution to her problem. Who I was didn’t matter as much as my willingness to fill her need. I completed that task over a month ago, and even though I’ve done this before, with Allison I found it impossible to let go and I knew there was a part of me deep down that didn’t want to.

“Fuck me hard,” she creaked barely above a whisper and attempted to pull me into her.

“No,” I muttered and I pulled my hips back just out of her reach.

She chuckled in defiance knowing all too well it was going to happen. It always happened and no amount of protesting I delivered would stop her. Allison tightened her grip on my neck, pulling my flush to her body to the point it felt like she was choking me.

“You know how much I want it.” Her voice raised a third of an octave. Then she nibbled my earlobe but her word choice struck me. Allison never said she needed me. The word she chose was it as if the rest of me didn’t matter. That was the trap. It always felt like an innocent choice of wording but it was deliberate. I glanced back over at her bible. The gold letter was now assaulting my conscious imprinting the weight of who she truly was into my soul and I found myself praying for the strength not to do this again. Soon, I was struggling for breath. I dug my fingers into the mattress in an attempt to break free. Then, she bit my ear, sending a surge of pain through my head that washed away any effect the good book had instilled in me. Now, my urge to breathe was primal. As I tensed my muscles to break free the unwrapped her arms, leaving me exposed long enough for the to grab my cock and drive myself into her.

“Oh, God!”

The words shot out of Allison’s mouth and she slapped her hand over her lips just as quick before tilting her head towards her bible. Her legs remained prone as I felt her guilt wrap around my body from the depth of my cock inside her.

“Why are you making me do this, Dennis?” she whined.

Now, I was determined not to go through with this and fought through the seamless lock of her pussy around my cock. I withdrew myself slowly, allowing myself to feel every slick inch of my extraction until I was moments away from escaping her grasps only to have Allison lock her ankles around my waist again.

“Did I tell you to stop? It’s too late for that. You’ve already ruined me.”

The grit in her eyes offset her smirk. In that moment of my confusion, Allison used her legs to throw myself back into her deep and held me there until I willingly thrust myself into her. Her body tensed as she pulled my head down to kiss me, and then moved her lips to my ear.

“Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body,” she whispered. “What book does that come from Dennis?”

“How the fuck should I know?”

“Think about it. We’ve gone over this before.”

I throbbed inside her knowing if I got this wrong she might stop. I could end her quest to convert me this way but instead, I saw the passage float in front of my face.

“First Corinthians. Chapter 6, verse 18.”

“Very good, Dennis. Now, you know what you have to do, don’t you?”

I nodded realizing Allison had just given me permission to take her. I’d freed her from succumbing to her lust and all I could do to honor that was to take this sin to its full completion.

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